‘The Office’ Creator Mindy Kaling’s Latest HBO Max Show ‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls’ Release Date


After her starring in and developing ‘The Office,’ Mindy Kaling went on to take part in other mention-worthy projects and was present from both sides of the camera. With a super popular Netflix show for teenagers, ‘Never Have I Ever’ already in her hands, Kaling is currently the creator of another series. She is the writer and also the executive producer of the series and on the other hand, she got the credit of creator for this series. The upcoming show is entitled ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ which is set to premiere on HBO Max.

The co-writer of Kaling is Justin Noble who also worked alongside Kaling earlier on ‘Never Have I Ever’ as a creator and executive producer. Noble worked as the writer and produced executively on the sitcom of NBC ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ The Sex Lives of College Girls will feature four freshers of college while they wander around their new lives in college along with their experience related to sex.

Expected Release Date for The Sex Lives of College Girls

According to the reports of Film & Television Industry Alliance, the shooting of The Sex Lives of College Girls started back in November of 2020. Taking the fact, that the production works of this show started approximately a year ago, into consideration. It’s normal for you to expect the arrival of the series around this time of the year.

And yes… fueling your expectations, HBO Max has announced the official release date for The Sex Lives of College Girls a few days back. When? The given release date is 18th November of this year.

Expected Casting for The Sex Lives of College Girls

The cast will be as follows:

Anticipated Plot for The Sex Lives of College Girls

If we follow the title, we can assume that the series The Sex Lives of College Girls will highlight the lives (Including the sex part) of college-going women, who will be the main characters of the show. In accordance with the reports about the storyline of the series, the show will feature four college freshers and roommates of 18 years – Kimberley, Whitney, Leighton, and Bela – while they navigate their new college lives in the exalted Essex College, situated in New England, and which includes a broader view on the lifestyle of them which is much active, sexually.


Kimberley was a dweller of Arizona and she was the topper of the high school she was in. she entered the college looking for an ambitious future, but she may just not be well-equipped socially as she is academic.
Bela, a native from New Jersey with a huge sense of Humor is kinda frank with her sexual fantasies. But she may be somehow inexperienced from her own point of view.

Leighton, an inheritance student of the fourth generation at the Essex college has kind of a reserved and more uptight personality than her other friends which makes them call her judgmental, frequently.
At last, Whitney, confident and mentally strong. She comes from a mentionable family because her mother is the most powerful black senator in the country.

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