The next Star Wars movie to be directed by Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi, Confirmed by Kathleen Kennedy

We are here to share the big news which has been trending throughout as the new Star Wars movie will be brought upon by director Taika Waititi.

The famous director Taika Waititi is originally known for bringing out some of the major titles over the period of time and mentioning the part that he is also the one to direct Thor: Love and Thunder at the time.

Thor: Love and Thunder on the other hand stand out as the most awaited title at the time and though everyone has been curiously waiting for the title to drop over the time as it’s for sure that big storytelling will be done at the time now that the famous director is coming along for the title.

Taika Waititi will be representing the anticipated title of Star Wars with his own perspective

Mentioning the part that it is suggested that the year 2019 stood out slow for the Star Wars franchise and hence to mention that things took off a slow start at the time and The Mandalorian is the title which made over a big potential mark in the industry when it was debuted.

The big news has come up recently stating that the new Star Wars movie will be brought upon by Taika Waititi and though it is safe to say that the personality has a lot of storytelling to do and thus the upcoming movie title could stand out as a big comeback at the time.

The hype is building up regarding the new title that would be brought on by Waititi now and though the viewers have been concerned about the future of the franchise for a long period of time and hence to mention that it is safe to say that the franchise has been passed on to the safe hands.

A different perspective of the story will be played along the time in the upcoming movie and though the next title of Waititi is all set looking for the release of 2023 and the fans could assume the release date of the title by late 2023 due to the part that even Taika mentioned that the movie will be taking some time to arrive at the period of time.

Moreover to mention that the previous titles Waititi which were Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder made a big mark in the industry and all the focus now would be put on the next title of Star Wars that Taika Waititi will be representing.

It is yet to see how the new title of the franchise will be making a big mark over the time and what big remarks it shall receive over the period of time and now that it has been getting a totally different look and thus the fans would have to wait a while in order to come across more news and information about the title in the time.

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