The LEAKED Thor Love And Thunder Poster is FAKE claims Director Taika Waititi

The new leaked poster of Thor Love and Thunder has been making rounds on the Internet and fans have been going crazy about it. How the new poster is showing lots of details about the new characters that we can see in the movie. Thor Love and Thunder are going to release on 8 July 2022. While we still haven’t got any details on the movie or any kind of trailer, it’s not there on the Internet as of now but fans are busy on the Internet to gather some kind of information about the movie that we can see.

As of now, it is revealed that Thor will be having a new suit in Thor, Love, and Thunder. That is one of the things that is expected in the new Thor movie. While some fans believe this poster could be a strategy to give details about Thor Love and Thunder on the other side Fans believe that the poster is just a fake strategy as Marvel is known to throw some details that are quite not there in the movie.

You can see the poster of the movie here

While there could be chances also that some details from this poster can be pointed out and can be taken into consideration and will tell us that some details are real. One can break down all the real details that would be important and will also guide us about the movie and what are the actual things that we can expect from it. The leak was so huge that the director of the movie Taika Waititi how to tweet about the movie and he told all his friends that he wished that the poster was real, but the poster is not real.

The cast of Thor Love and Thunder

In case one wants to know what is Thor love and Thunder above, they can go and click on this link or check out this YouTube video and get the details here. But before you go, we are strictly telling you that this video will contain spoilers, so watch at your own risk.

Taika Waititi he’s known for creating Thor Ragnarok and he also created The Avengers Endgame. So there is no wonder that the audience and the people in the Marvel studio want him to create the next installment of Thor. We will tell you more details about the movie and when its trailer is going to be dropped. Till then we want you to be patient for it.


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