The Equalizer Season 3 Release Date in 2023? Where to Watch?

We are here to drop the big news regarding the release date of The Equalizer Season 3 and the viewers are interested to cover more in the story ahead.

The Equalizer Season 3 has been catching a whole lot of attention from the viewers and there are big talks about what will pick in the storyline of the show. Robyn McCall is now all set to return but will she be safe this time is the big question that is raised particularly for the third season of the show.

The second season of The Equalizer wrapped up in big suspense and which the viewers are currently looking forward to covering. Robyn was the CIA turned vigilante who came across a number of challenges through the missions and it was obvious that she might hold some other major threats at the time too.

The Equalizer Season 3

The Equalizer Season 3 is set to release soon

The ending of the second season portrayed how she was basically abducted and now the fans are curious to cover the cliffhanger of the show which was left out. It’s certain that a very charming twist will be played along at this time of the plot because Robyn needs to live in order to complete the ongoing mission.

The viewers saw the last of Queen Latifah’s Robyn McCall and thought the character’s fate was seen hanging out in the balance at the time. Though to mention that the events followed after the death of her mentor named Bishop as she had attempted to take down Quinn this escalated a lot in the matter and it was obvious that Quinn was not going easy at all after this.

Quinn then decided to retaliate at the time and planned the whole situation while doing the exact same thing later on by kidnapping Robyn the abduction took place right in front of her daughter named Delilah along with aunt Vi it was a horrifying scene for them and as they have been trying to fill in the clues with who was behind this.

The new third season of the show will be picking up the aftermath of the abduction of Robyn and although there has also been a synopsis out at this time. The synopsis goes on to read that the walls between the family of McCall along with the life of the vigilante go on to stay over in the state of crumble due to the part that the closest to her may come ahead to save her for the first time and they are all aware of the major consequences for being involved in the kind of situation at this time.

There have also been some photos out of the premiere and which basically give us a glimpse of what will be leading ahead. The photos which have been out suggest that Vi and Delilah shall be turned over to Detective Marcus Dante on this hard situation and as they will be seeking out help with finding Robyn at the time.

Another picture that has been surfacing on the internet gives a glimpse that Robyn is in an All White room and thus there are predictions made that it is basically a place where the personality has been kept prisoner at the time. Hence to mention that The Equalizer Season 3 is just getting started at this time while the CBS network has already been looking ahead from the path of the show.

The Equalizer Season 4 renewed officially by CBS

The network made the announcement back in May that the show has already been renewed for the fourth season at this time and the show may continue to lead with action and suspense-packed Sunday nights with even more intense stories to follow.

The renewal of the show has come in only due to the success it has achieved at this period of time and everyone is convinced that the third season shall also live up to the big expectations and especially an impressive story will lead ahead. The third season is currently available to watch as the show has been dropping episodes on a weekly basis on CBS while the previous two seasons of the show are currently available to stream on Paramount+.

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