The 2022 Oscars Fan Favorite and Cheer Moment Awards were reportedly Manipulated by Zack Snyder fans’ Automated Twitter bots

The big news has been shed by stating that Zack Snyder won the Oscars and though the credits for this go to the bots as the word is out that it was rigged.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has stood out to makeover a big impact as it delivered a big storyline which the viewers and fans loved to cover and mentioned the part that there were talks and discussions at the time that there would be more storyline content from Zack Snyder and thus no news was confirmed so far.

It’s no doubt that the movie went over to make a big mark in the industry and the movie by Zack Snyder which was fan-fuelled came forward to win the Oscar award and though there is a word out stating that it is was rigged at the time by the bots. The situation on the other hand has captured big attention at the time and everyone is talking about what took place recently.

Zack Snyder’s titles have won Oscars which was in a rigged process

Also mention the part that this was the major reason as to why the 94th Academy Awards stood out to be a controversial one through the time and another situation which was held through was the fan-voted categories and this is what had everyone talking and the other scenario which made the Oscars the controversial one was the situation which took place between Will Smith and Chris Rock and how things heated up between them.

The fan-voted winner took everyone under surprise at the time due to the part as everyone expected that Best Cheer Moment along with Fan Favourite movie of 2021 will go to Spider-Man: No Way Home and instead the two famous titles of Zack Snyder which were Army of the Dead and Zack Snyder’s Justice League won the titles and though Zack Snyder, on the other hand, came forward on his social media accounts to celebrate the double win as this was the first time where this kind of movie won the famous titles.

The movies are now considered the Oscar Winners on IMDb and now the big news has been out that the validity of those votes is now in doubt the other news states that both of the award titles were basically rigged by online accounts which were automated whereas to mention that no official tweet has been made at the time.

The reports have been out stating that the most active contributors of the votes which came through with two polls were autonomous web programs and though it cast over a thousand numbers of votes which were then reported to be fake. It is yet to see if any more inquiries will be done through the time as the award is already given to the titles but some actions would be taken so that it won’t happen again.

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