Tehran Season 3 Potential Release Date and Expected Plot

For the unknowns, Tehran is an Israel-based spy-thriller Television series. The creator of this thriller piece is Moshe Zonder. It is written by Zonder and Omri Shenhar and is directed by Daniel Syrkin. It features Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabiyan and Shaun Toub as Faraz Kamali in the lead among other notable actors. The show originally premiered on June 22, 2020, and for the international audience, it was broadcasted on Apple Tv+ on 25th September of the same year. The thriller drama covers the story of a Mossad agent and revolves around her journey in a country to she has her roots attached. Till now the makers have released two seasons which have gone pretty well with the audience and have made them eagerly wait for an announcement regarding the release of Tehran Season 3.

Tehran Season 3

The story so far

Tehran is the story of the protagonist Tamar Rabinyan (played by actor Niv Sultan), a young Jewish woman who is brought up in Israel but has been born in Iran. She is shown as a Mossad agent who is on a mission to disable the nuclear reactor in her home country Iran.

She lives thereby changing her identity as a Muslim woman who works at an electric station. The series revolves around her trying hard to accomplish what she came for however, things take an ugly turn when she kills her boss who tries to molest her.

She is then forced to hide and as the story progresses it is shown that the protagonist is connecting to her roots in Iran where she met her aunt, and at the same time, she is been followed by Faraz Kamali ( played by Shoun Taub ), who is the head of the investigation of Revolutionary guards. This brings us to the end of Season 1.

In Season 2 Tamar can be seen, as planning on starting a new life in Canada but she is again encountered with another mission of rescuing a pilot who has been captured by the officials there during the reactor mission.

Her journey begins from here, her aunt got executed following which she chose to stay in Iran with Milad ( her boyfriend ). Faraz continues his pursuit to find her while she hops on another mission of assassinating Qaseem Mohammadi who is the newly elected general of the Revolutionary guards. She forms good relations with his son Peyman thereby paving more opportunities for her to get close to him.

The ending of the season is rather a cliffhanger showing Tamar in a helpless situation in a country she is left with no one to rely on. She manages to kill Mohammadi but at the price of Milad and Marjan, the two people who have been her support system all this while.

Is Tehran Season 3 a sure shot?

Any official announcement regarding Tehran Season 3 has not been made yet but the audience is pretty hopeful that things will work out in their favor and we will get to witness the same thrill with Tehran Season 3 as well.

The potential Release date of Tehran Season 3

Well to say anything about the release would be too soon as season 2 has ended this year only so the makers need some time to work out important matters and a storyline that is equally thrilling and keep on entertaining us and hook us till the very end. However, it is possible that Tehran Season 3 might get aired in mid-2023 only if everything goes at the same pace as that of the last two seasons.

The possible plot line of Tehran Season 3

The show ended on a note that made us believe that there might be Tehran Season 3. The plot could be anything but it is quite obvious that in the next season there will be more characters involved to create more thrill and complexity on which the story can revolve.

Characters Tamar and Faraz are a sure shot to make a comeback along with Faraz’s wife who poisoned Marjan. The story may now revolve around Tamar taking her revenge against the people responsible for killing her loved ones or it could be yet another mission she is forced under circumstances to go on.

The plot could be anything but we are sure that Tehran Season 3 too will not disappoint us as there is a lot to unfold and will keep us entertained till the end. For now, the fans have to be a little patient and let the makers work on the piece that brings the best for us. The series has a run time of 49-52 minutes per episode. You can watch it right now on Apple TV+.

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