Twitter Will Now Show Ads Between Stories In Fleet Similar To What We See In Snapchat

Twitter will start testing advertising in Fleets, its answer to services like Snapchat and Instagram’s “story” features, which let users broadcast fleeting updates. Fleets, Twitter’s version of Stories, is getting ads. The company announced today that it will begin pilot testing Fleet ads in the United States, which will bring full-screen, vertical format ads to … Read more

Twitter Spaces Launched Today To Compete With The Growing Popularity Of Clubhouse

The web version of Twitter’s Clubhouse-like ‘Spaces’ function has finally arrived. Any desktop browser, as well as the best Android browsers, can now join a Space. Twitter’s Clubhouse competition is coming to the web, according to a Twitter engineer working on Spaces. After a few months, the company added Spaces access to its website, which … Read more

Twitter Wants To Help Users Get Tipped For Their Tweets Right From Their Profiles For Every Good Tweet They Make

Twitter began discovering features such as tips to provide people with a way to pay for their tweets to other Twitter users.” In the user profile, Twitter works on Tip Jar. This function may not be released by Twitter officially however, users would probably have to use the feature with a certain amount of followers. … Read more