Selena Gomez Officially Declares herself as single on TikTok – Is It true?

We are here to give the latest controversial update as Selena Gomez recently came forward on her TikTok to mention the reason why she is single. Selena Gomez is one of the most famous personalities and the singer/actress have been through some of the biggest titles in her journey. Mentioning the part that it has … Read more

Nicki Minaj facing MAJOR BACKLASH for her Black History Month event with TikTok

Recently, TikTok has arranged a special event for the black creators out there. A special event exclusively with the boss lady, Nicki Minaj. All the creators were really excited about the whole event. Obviously, most of them were looking forward to meeting Nicki Minaj through the online event. TikTok had surely gone all out for … Read more