DC developing an Amanda Waller HBO Max Spin-Off series with Viola Davis

The stage is set for Amanda Waller! Looks like Viola Davis is ready for her solo DC series! Yes, you heard it right, HBO Max and Warner Bros. are planning to make a superwoman series focused around Amanda Waller! It is supposed to be a Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad spin-off series. Fans are going … Read more

Peacemaker Season 2 Release Date – Is it already in Production?

We are here to talk about Peacemaker Season 2 as the big hype is building up at the time regarding it. Peacemaker made huge headlines with the storyline it represented and everyone loved the character which was portrayed along in the show. Mentioning the fact that the show recieved a great response from the audience … Read more

Peacemaker is Bisexual and James Gunn has an Explanation for this

The big news has been surfacing throughout as the rumors suggest that Peacemaker is a bisexual hero and this controversy is trending out. Peacemaker has stood out to make a big impact in the industry with just the first season and mentioning the fact that the title recieved over a good response from the audience. … Read more

Will Smith DEMANDS for Suicide Squad Ayer’s Cut to get Released; Is it Happening?

Are you ready to dig deep into the DC movies? Yes, you heard it right, we are talking about the most popular Warner Bros. film, The Suicide Squad. Looks like Will Smith is rooting for another “Suicide Squad” movie. He would love to see Ayer’s take on the villain squad. The deadliest and craziest supervillains … Read more

Peacemaker Episode 7 Release Date and Major Twist Confirmed and Season 2 Details

The first season of Peacemaker is reaching its final episode. Looks like the finale episode holds a special message for us. The last episode of the show will surely mark an explosive end for the first season of the show. As of now, Fans are highly excited to witness Peacemaker Episode 7. Our epic John … Read more

Peacemaker Episode 6: Truth About White Dragon CONFIRMED

Introduction The trailer of the upcoming Peacemaker Episode 6 shows that the White Dragon is chasing after the character of John Cena in order to eliminate him in the forthcoming episode. The name of the white dragon is a sobriquet of four different creatures in the universe of DC Comics. But the version that we’re … Read more

This Peacemaker character is set to return in DC’s Black Adam movie, James Gunn CONFIRMS

Peacemaker first appeared in the movie The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn. But he was buried under the pile of stones when the movie ended. The movie had some big names working under it such as Margot Robbie as Harley Queen, Edris Elba as Bloodsport. But there was one other actor which joined them … Read more