Ezra Miller as The Flash is here to stay and will probably be the only remaining member of the Snyderverse

The Flash is the most powerful superhero in DC. He has the power of superspeed and he can travel through time. Ezra Miller had played the role of Flash in Snyderverse. Now his solo movie The Flash is coming in theatres on  June 2023. The Flash movie is going to be Multiversal as we will … Read more

The Flash Movie is rumored to erase whatever is left of the Snyderverse

The big update has been cast through currently for which all the DC fans are preparing themselves for as the rumors suggest that The Flash movie shall be erased whatever is left out of the Snyderverse. The Zack Snyder era has no doubt been the biggest one in the storyline and mentioning the part that … Read more

Madame Web Movie in Development at Sony with Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney Confirmed

Sony is now going to have their female Spider and she is going to debut in 2023. Columbia Pictures has officially announced that Madame Web will officially debut in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Star Dakota Johnson is going to do the role of Madame Web as the first female lead role in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Madame … Read more

Ezra Miller GETTING FIRED from The Flash and Fantastic Beast 3 after Criminal Activity

Ezra Miller is getting out of control. He is arrested again! The news is getting viral out there. Currently, the star is working on his next project. As per our inner sources, he might get fired from the project. The tension is increasing. Ezra Miller is currently working on the movie, The Flash. As of … Read more

Robert Pattinson CAMEO LEAKED with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck in The Flash

As we know that Michael Keaton‘s and Ben Affleck‘s Batman is returning in the Flash movie a rumor is also coming that Robert Pattinson‘s Batman is also coming in the Flash movie. The Flash movie is going to release in June 2023 in the trailer we are quietly teased that Michael Keaton’s Batman is returning … Read more