New Thor Love and Thunder promo pic shows Mighty Thor, King Valkyrie and Panther Goddess Bast in the Parliament of Pantheons

Thor: Love and Thunder are going to be the massive movie of the year. This movie holds the shortest promotional time as this movie uploaded its first teaser when the release date of the movie is just 3 months away. We have seen many photos, Lego toys, and action figures. From all those things we … Read more

New Thor Love and Thunder poster shows Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor

Natalie Portman shares a photo on the Instagram of Thor: Love and Thunder featuring her character Mighty Thor. Natalie Portman shares a photo on Instagram showing Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is wielding the Mjolnir in the same way as the teaser poster of Thor Love and Thunder where Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor is wielding his weapon … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Launch – What is Marvel hiding?

MCU fans are waiting for the most exciting and beloved superhero movie trailer that is Thor Love and Thunder. But there are just 95 days left for the movie’s scheduled release date but they didn’t even release it. Thor Love and Thunder is another most awaited movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie will break … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Coming on this Date – Everything to know

Thor: Love and Thunder trailer is predicted to be out in July and Fans are eager for the spoilers. Everyone is disturbed after the marvel related post on social media, people finding it as a clue of the trailer release date, no one is surprised by the thought that Chris Hemsworth may have just released … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder trailer coming out on VALENTINES DAY; Rumor Explained

A blockbuster Marvel movie is set to amaze you. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Thor Love and Thunder. The movie is set to roll out this year. The trailer of the film has still not been launched. But it is about to come out really soon. Some sources are claiming, the … Read more