Secret Invasion Plot Leaked and Storyline Explained

Secret Invasion Title Art

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion is going to be one of the massive series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This series will show our favorite character Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Nick Fury has done an important role throughout the infinity saga and this will be his first appearance in phase 4 of the Marvel … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Launch – What is Marvel hiding?

MCU fans are waiting for the most exciting and beloved superhero movie trailer that is Thor Love and Thunder. But there are just 95 days left for the movie’s scheduled release date but they didn’t even release it. Thor Love and Thunder is another most awaited movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie will break … Read more

Zendaya DATING Andrew Garfield CONFIRMED after DUMPING TOM Holland

Did Tom Holland and Zendaya Break Up? A question that arises after The Oscars night is, “did Zendaya really ditch Tom Holland?” Entertainers and co-stars Tom Holland and Zendaya were depicted as “The Perfect Couple”. The pair was popular on the Internet. Tom and Zendaya were regularly seen spending time with one another. Both were … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya GETTING MARRIED in London LEAKED Rumor Explained

Introduction The whole internet went crazy when we all first saw Tom Holland and Zendaya together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Nobody could deny the fact that they both looked perfect for each other on the screen. After that, they again made their appearance in the second movie of the Spider-Man trilogy … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya Purchased a house together, Are they SECRETLY Married?

Tom Holland and Zendaya are currently enjoying the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The duo is also rumored to be dating each other. It looks like the couple has now taken their relationship to the next level. It is reported that Tom Holland and Zendaya purchased a house together in London. The duo is … Read more

Tom Holland wants to Host The Oscars with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield; “It will be an honor”

The Academy Awards are happening soon. The host for the show is not fixed yet. Well, it looks like Spiderman is going to take over the stage this time. It is being said that Tom Holland is going to host the Oscars this year. Let’s read more details in this article.  Recently Tom Holland revealed … Read more