This is what the Former Cat-Woman actor Halle Berry advised Zoe Kravitz for her role in The Batman

Zoe Kravitz is all set to play the role of Catwoman in The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. This role was previously played by actress Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman. Halle has offered some advice to Zoe Kravitz for her role. Let’s read about this in detail in this article.  Halle Berry is known … Read more

Sharon Stone calls out Joe Rogan over Spotify COVID-19 Misinformation Scandal

Looks like the recent Joe Rogan podcast on Spotify has highly disappointed Sharon Stone. The feud is heating up. Just like others, Rogan too needs to cancel his podcast on Spotify. Sharon Stone has put direct accusations on Joe for spreading misinformation in his podcast show over the never-ending pandemic virus, covid-19. Joe Rogan’s Spotify … Read more