Lili Reinhart and Spencer Neville GETTING MARRIED in 2022 CONFIRMED, Rumor Explained

Is Lili Reinhart dating Spencer Neville? Looks like the rumors are true! They were recently spotted together! The pair was looking pretty close to one another. None of the parties has confirmed or denied the rumors out there! But as per our inner sources, Lili is in a casual relationship with Spencer Neville! Last week, … Read more

Netflix CONFIRMED that Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is not the reason why the Bright sequel was Canceled

Is Bright 2 happening? Is the movie back on track? Do we have any updates about Bright 2? Is Bright 2 halted? Is Netflix canceling Will Smith? Are the rumors true? Well, that’s too many questions in one go! The audience is clearly confused. Will’s fanbase is surely disappointed over the rumors out there! There … Read more

Outer Banks Season 3 Filming Begins in May Confirms 2023 Release Date

Outer Banks, one of Netflix‘s most vibrant dramas, has been re-produced and we look forward to returning to Poguelandia. A few months after Outer Banks’ Season 2 ended last summer, our beloved The Pogues made a flashy announcement that the show was redesigned for Outer Banks Season 3. Set in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, … Read more