Ezra Miller as The Flash is here to stay and will probably be the only remaining member of the Snyderverse

The Flash is the most powerful superhero in DC. He has the power of superspeed and he can travel through time. Ezra Miller had played the role of Flash in Snyderverse. Now his solo movie The Flash is coming in theatres on  June 2023. The Flash movie is going to be Multiversal as we will … Read more

Morbius Digital and Blu-Ray Release Date – Will it come to Disney+

Morbius is an anti-hero character and the villain of Spider-Man. The trailer of Morbius has released 2 years before the release date of the movie. As this movie was delayed many times for COVID. The movie was finally released on April 1st, 2022. The movie was not so good but the post-credit scenes of the … Read more

Batgirl Sequel Confirmed by Leslie Grace ahead of the launch of the first part

The DC has now looking for a great year. At the beginning of the year, The Batman shines and was a great success at the worldwide box office. Many other DC films are going to release in recent months is Black Adam and the DC League of Superpets which is an animated movie. The Batgirl … Read more

Robert Pattinson CAMEO LEAKED with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck in The Flash

As we know that Michael Keaton‘s and Ben Affleck‘s Batman is returning in the Flash movie a rumor is also coming that Robert Pattinson‘s Batman is also coming in the Flash movie. The Flash movie is going to release in June 2023 in the trailer we are quietly teased that Michael Keaton’s Batman is returning … Read more

Morbius Post-Credit Scene to tease Kraven the Hunter in the Sony Spider-Man Universe

Morbius is an anti-hero character who comes to theatres on April 1, 2022. In the trailers of Morbius, we can some Easter eggs of Spider-Man and the character of Adrian Toomes a.k.a the Vulture played by Michael Keaton whom we saw in the Spider-Man: Homecoming. As also Jared Leto confirmed that Morbius is simply connected … Read more

Morbius director shares Major Details about Michael Keaton’s character

Sony has released the first trailer of its upcoming movie Morbius. The trailer has featured the appearance of another character of Spiderverse, Vulture. The character was first introduced in Spider-Man Homecoming and was acted by Michael Keaton. The upcoming Morbius movie is directed by Daniel Espinosa. the titular character Dr. Michael Morbius will be starred … Read more

Michael Keaton Batman is here to stay; New Batgirl Set Photos CONFIRMS

Warner Bros is currently planning to roll out its most awaited superhero movie! Yes, you heard it right we are talking about Batgirl! HBO has recently launched “The Batman” movie. Michael Keaton has done an extraordinary job for the Batman franchise. But another chapter is about to get added into the DC series. Batgirl is … Read more