Kim Kardashian now Officially Single after months of Drama with Kanye West

The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce case has been settled! Kim Kardashian is officially single. Yes, you heard it right, the drama between the two is over. Kim is now free from her marital status! Their legal battle ended. The two decided to end their marriage in February 2021. Kanye West didn’t want to … Read more

Kanye West feels betrayed after Kim Kardashian kisses Pete Davidson in latest Instagram Post

We are here to talk about the latest controversy which is being talked about as the drama of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is not taking an endpoint anytime soon. The relationship controversy of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian has escalated through in the period of time. Mentioning the fact that Kanye West has tried … Read more

Kanye West Accusing Kim Kardashian of not letting him see his kids – Rumor Explained

We are here to share the big controversial news which is running around as Kanye West has been accusing Kim Kardashian of not letting him spend any time with his children. The drama of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is not coming to an end anytime soon whereas the former couple split last year and … Read more

Kanye West ATTACKING Pete Davidson again amid Music Video Controversy

Kanye West again attacked Pete Davidson through his new music video! The rapper is not ready to lose this battle. We all know how the audience reacted to his last music album! But guess what, that hasn’t stopped Kanye from dissing Pete Davidson. Kim Kardashian is angry about this whole issue. She is frustrated over … Read more

Kanye West Facing Massive Backlash for his Pete Davidson Music Video

Kanye West‘s new music video is out! His fans are fully supporting his song, but Pete Davidson‘s fans are strongly criticizing it. Moreover, Kardashians are really angry over Kanye West’s new music video. The feud between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is deepening. Kanye is constantly attacking the Kardashians. We all know their divorce case … Read more

Kim Kardashian DISGUSTED with Kanye West’s actions in his new Music Video

Finally, Kim Kardashian has reacted to Kanye West‘s music video. For a couple of months now, Kanye has been launching new music albums. Most of the songs revolve around Kim Kardashian. We all know the couple has decided to go on their separate ways but looks like Kanye is not ready for it. Kanye is … Read more

Kanye West’s Latest instagram Post is Causing Emotional Stress to Kim Kardashain

Kanye West is again on our headline. His feud with Kim Kardashian is stretching. He is not ready to end his marriage with Kim. But Kim is no longer emotionally connected to Kanye West. She wants to end their marriage. The two are fighting their divorce case in court. We still don’t know what will … Read more

Fans CONFUSED as Kanye West Captured with Kim Kardashian Lookalike Chaney Jones

The big news has been surfacing throughout as Kanye West has been spotted out with Chaney Jones, who is famously known as the lookalike of Kim Kardashian. The relationship of Kanye West and Chaney Jones has gone out to make huge headlines over the period of time and the controversies have also been shedding throughout … Read more