Julia Fox Claims her RELATIONSHIP with Kanye West is a correction of their Past Mistakes

Kanye West a great rapper and richest black person is now dating Julia Fox mostly known for UNCUT GEMS. Kanye West’s dating history is quite long whereas Julia Fox has shared a son with Peter Artemiev till now and they broke up badly when Julia Fox accused her husband with an allegation of being, “deadbeat … Read more

Kim Kardashian wants Julia Fox DESTROYED for STEALING Kanye West from Her

Introduction The most debated separation of the last year is known to all of us. After a decade of knowing each other and spending life under one single roof, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took a decision to part their ways a while back. The news of their separation shook the base of the whole … Read more

Pete Davidson REACTS to being DISSED by Kanye West in one of his latest Songs

You will be surprised to know that Pete Davidson is not pissed at Kanye West! Recently in one of his latest songs, Kanye threatened Pete Davidson through his lyrics. Looks like Kanye West will never leave her ex-wife alone. He clearly took a hit at Kim’s current boyfriend Pete Davidson. But just like Kim Kardashian, … Read more

Kanye West THREATENING Pete Davidson and DISSING him in his new song, Everything to know

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially put an end to their 6 years long marriage. The divorce was damn disturbing for Kanye West! Looks like Kanye West is still trying to bring Kim back in his life. The separation was initiated by Kim Kardashian. Recently, Kanye has dropped around a new song! Is the … Read more