Kanye West CLEARS out his Views on NFTs; Here’s what he thinks

Many singers out there are stepping up for NFT. For those of you who don’t know yet, let me tell you NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens. But hey there the list doesn’t include Kanye West. He is least interested to enter the platform. He wants to grow his real music. Kanye West is a cherished … Read more

Kanye West’s Girlfriend Julia Fox REACTS to fans claims of her Copying Kim Kardashian

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Did Kanye West try to make Kim Kardashian JEALOUS by recreating their French Kiss in Paris with Julia Fox?

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Kanye West JEALOUS of Pete Davidson and spreading rumor of him having AIDS

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West not on SPEAKING TERMS following his interview and Birthday Party Drama

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Kanye West is slowly molding Julia Fox into Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian and that’s DISTURBING

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Kim Kardashian reacts to Kanye West’s CLAIMS of her having a second SEX TAPE; Rumor Explained

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Julia Fox reacts to Fans Claim that she is Dating Kanye West just for the MONEY

Finally, Julia Fox answered the rumors. Recently, Julia Fox has been spotted with Kanye West. Our reports say the two are dating each other. There are some rumors out there, which say Julia Fox is dating Kanye West just for money. The model has recently opened up about this. She has denied all the rumors … Read more