The next James Bond to be a Non-Binary character CONFIRMED by the producer

Is the next James Bond non-binary? Is the next James Bond, a woman? Who is the next James Bond? Well, there is too much confusion out there! Fans are highly curious to know the answers to these questions. Well, the next James Bond is still a mystery to us. But recently, the main producer of … Read more

Rudra season 2 – Will Ajay Devgn return with another season?

Big updates are coming in regarding Rudra Season 2 and the audience will once again see Ajay Devgn in action packed show and a plate-served mystery. Mentioning the fact that the show went on to receive a great response from the audience regarding the big storyline it represented and also the other details which were … Read more

Daniel Craig Wants Henry Cavill to Become the Next James Bond and Not Tom Hardy

Actor Daniel Craig wants Henry Cavill to be the next James Bond and not Tom Hardy this comes after when on Twitter everyone is fighting over who could be the next James Bond. Daniel Craig was the previous James bond and has given some major hits with that role. But the studio who is in … Read more

This Peacemaker character is set to return in DC’s Black Adam movie, James Gunn CONFIRMS

Peacemaker first appeared in the movie The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn. But he was buried under the pile of stones when the movie ended. The movie had some big names working under it such as Margot Robbie as Harley Queen, Edris Elba as Bloodsport. But there was one other actor which joined them … Read more