Daniel Craig Wants Henry Cavill to Become the Next James Bond and Not Tom Hardy

Actor Daniel Craig wants Henry Cavill to be the next James Bond and not Tom Hardy this comes after when on Twitter everyone is fighting over who could be the next James Bond. Daniel Craig was the previous James bond and has given some major hits with that role. But the studio who is in … Read more

Henry Cavill vs Tom Hardy FIGHT for James Bond is GETTING UGLY

The fight for the role of James Bond is still on full fire. Both Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy are powerful contenders for the role. But will any of them win the battle? A new name has also appeared on the list. Henry and Tom are excited to back the 007 character. But who will take … Read more

Is the long overdue Superman Reboot with a black Kal-El happening in 2023 under Zack Snyder’s Direction?

Superman reboot has been in cue for over years now! Yes, we saw Superman as “Man of Steel” from the view of Zack Snyder. But the tale didn’t match up with Superman’s character. The fans have recently witnessed a clip of the Batman reboot. Now, the audience is looking forward to seeing a reboot version … Read more

Joss Whedon TAKES A DIG on Gal Gadot’s Israeli accent during Justice League Controversy

Gal Gadot is famous for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe as well as in Justice League. She received tons of praise for her acting and brilliant portrayal of the character of Wonder Woman. However, Joss Whedon took a dig at her and made a little joke about her accent. Let’s … Read more