Emily Blunt as Invisible Woman in MCU Fantastic Four Confirmed in a poll created for Disney+ subscribers

Since Disney has purchased Fox, Marvel Studios has taken on to do some future projects with Fantastic Four and X-Men. But not a single mutant we have seen in the 2 years long-running phase 4. But we have seen Mr. Fantastic played by John Krasinski, leader of the Fantastic Four has appeared for a cameo … Read more

Mark Wahlberg rumored to play Ben Grimm aka The Thing in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie

The Thing is a member of the Fantastic Four. He is one of the strongest members of the Fantastic Four. The Thing is one of the fan-favorite characters of Marvel. We have seen The Thing in action in many movies of Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four (1994), Fantastic Four (2005-2007), and Fantastic Four (2015). All these … Read more

Doctor Doom is rumored to be played by two actors just like Darth Vader and Rocket Raccoon

Doctor Victor Von Doom is one of the most powerful and deadliest supervillains in Marvel. He is a major villain of the Fantastic Four and also an important villain of the Avengers. As Disney has taken the Fox, so we get to see some of the important characters of X-Men and Fantastic Four. As Fantastic … Read more

John Krasinski vs Jason Bateman: Who is the better Mister Fantastic for MCU’s Fantastic Four?

Yes, you have read the title right John Krasinski vs Jason Bateman who is the better Mr. Fantastic in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four. In recent days we get to see the variant of Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The role of Reed Richards a.k.a Mr. Fantastic was played by … Read more

John Krasinski will play Reed Richards in MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four Confirmed after Doctor Strange 2

The internet has not stopped talking about the John Krasinski playing Reed Richards on the screens and there are talks that the personality might play the role ahead in the movie too. MCU studios have been doing a lot in order to keep entertaining the fans with the big titles and this year no doubt … Read more

John Krasinski is Confirmed to both Direct and Act in Marvel Studios Fantastic Four

Since it was announced that a Marvel Studios Fantastic Four Reboot will come which is connected to the MCU timeline. Fans had speculated who will be doing the role of Mr. Fantastic. Fans have shouted the name of John Krasinski to do the role of Mr.Fantastic as he told earlier on many occasions that he … Read more

Jon Watts will return to direct Spider-Man 4 starring Tom Holland and Zendaya following departure from Fantastic Four

We are here to drop the big news which has come through as Jon Watts might be returning to direct Spider-Man 4 next after recently withdrawing from MCU’s Fantastic Four project. Spider-Man: No Way Home was released back in December of 2021 and though the movie stood out to be a big blockbuster and thus … Read more