Thor Love And Thunder Post Credits Scene to introduce Deadpool into the MCU – Rumors Explained

When will Deadpool appear in MCU? Well, this particular question is currently going on in everyone’s mind. Marvel fans have been waiting for ages to see Deadpool in MCU. As per our inner sources and fans theory, we were supposed to see him in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. But we all know … Read more

Laura Donnelly playing Elsa Bloodstone in Werewolf by Night Disney+ series Confirmed

MCU is now going for supernatural powers as we got the details that Laura Donnelly will play the role of Elsa Bloodstone in Werewolf by Night which is an upcoming Disney+ series and it’s confirmed. In January 2022, a report came out that The Nevers star Laura Donnelly would appear in the Werewolf by Night … Read more

The Adam Project star Walker Scobell to be the Main Lead in Disney+ Percy Jackson series

Walker Scobell has been cast as the fresh demigod in the forthcoming Disney+ Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. You may recognize him from Netflix‘s The Adam Project, where he dabbled a fresher version of Ryan Reynolds, but did you learn he’s also an avid skateboarder with an encyclopedic awareness of the 2016 superhero film … Read more

Ryan Reynolds’ Cameo in Doctor Strange 2 Could Tie Into Deadpool 3

Is Ryan Reynolds really in Doctor Strange 2? We are hearing so many rumors about this. But finally, Ryan Reynolds has replied to the rumors. He has clearly stated he is not in Doctor Strange 2. We all were hoping to see Deadpool in the upcoming Marvel movie. But looks like it is not happening. … Read more


All eyes are glued to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The movie is just around the corner. Moreover, we are expecting to see a bundle of Avengers in the movie. Amid all these rumors, we have something absolutely shocking for you. Deadpool is ready to make a comeback. Yes, you heard it right, … Read more