Can we get a Jennifer Walters vs Matt Murdock court battle in She-Hulk series?

Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk is a talented lawyer of superheroes. She is the cousin of Bruce Banner. But not only Jennifer Walters is the lawyer in Marvel. Matt Murdock a.ka. Daredevil is also a really good lawyer. Both of these characters are now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Matt Murdock debuted in Marvel Cinematic Universe … Read more

Daredevil season 4 is coming to Disney+ but will it continue the plot of the Netflix series?

Daredevil Season 4

Charlie Cox‘s Daredevil has been a massive shout from the fans for some couple of months after the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. He appears in his first Marvel Studios movie in December 2021. He appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home. But he has just done the cameo as Matt Murdock who is Peter … Read more

Marvel Studios Echo now Filming – Kingpin and Daredevil to make a comeback in the series according to new reports

After Alaqua Cox’s outstanding early manifestation as Maya Lopez in Hawkeye, it is no shock that she reached a spin-off aptly labeled Echo. With filming initiating on the Disney+ spin-off very rapidly, commencing some time in mid-April, it was barely a consequence of time until some information about it commenced to roll out. And boy … Read more

Will Disney Continue Daredevil Season 4 or Reboot the Series Entirely?

We are here to talk about the running controversy regarding the upcoming  MCU project Daredevil Season 4 as it has been in development for a long period of time. Daredevil went out to make a big mark in the industry and the show recieved over a good response from the audience and so the creators … Read more

Disney and Netflix Working on The Punisher Season 3 CONFIRMED by Jon Bernthal

The Punisher is one of the great characters in Marvel comics. As two seasoned series also appeared on Netflix in 2017(season 1) and 2019(season 2) played by Jon Bernthal. In both seasons, it comprises 26 episodes 13 episodes in season 1, and 13 episodes in season 2. When it was first released its IMDB rating … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal RETURNING in Spider Man 4 CONFIRMED According to This Deleted Scene

Jake Gyllenhaal is in high talks right now. Looks like the star was chopped off from Spider-Man: No Way Home. But why did Marvel delete his scene from the movie? Jake was portraying the role of Mysterio in the movie. But guess what, we never witnessed his character! The new Marvel comic character is on … Read more

Daredevil Season 4 CONFIRMED By Showrunner, Release Date and Production Update

Introduction The chairperson of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige has already given his confirmation about the character of Daredevil. Yes, according to the president of the Marvel studios, we are going to see Charlie Cox once again reviving his character of Matt Murdock, also known as, Daredevil. On top of that Kevin Feige announced that Daredevil … Read more

Punisher Season 3 CONFIRMED RETURNING after Daredevil Season 4 Release

Recently, we have received some exclusive updates on Punisher season 3. Looks like Marvel Studios will soon renew the show for another season. So far, we have witnessed two seasons of the show. Currently, we all are looking forward to Punisher season 3. As per our sources, Marvel will take up the project really soon. … Read more