This is what the Former Cat-Woman actor Halle Berry advised Zoe Kravitz for her role in The Batman

Zoe Kravitz is all set to play the role of Catwoman in The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. This role was previously played by actress Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman. Halle has offered some advice to Zoe Kravitz for her role. Let’s read about this in detail in this article.  Halle Berry is known … Read more

Jennifer Lopez said, she does not want to WASTE her second chance at LOVE with Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Lopez coming CLOSER with Jennifer Garner amidst Rumors of her Marriage with Ben Affleck

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The Batman Starring Robert Pattinson is the first Reboot with no Origin Story, Here’s Why

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are Getting Secretly Engaged according to Insider Sources

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Joss Whedon TAKES A DIG on Gal Gadot’s Israeli accent during Justice League Controversy

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Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck Cameos Rumored in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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Alex Rodriguez is SORRY for CHEATING on Jennifer Lopez and wants her back amid her ROMANTIC REUNION with Ben Affleck

Extraordinary Love

Alex Rodriguez actually needs to make things work with Jennifer Lopez — in spite of her new get-together with Ben Affleck. “Alex was desirous that Jen and Ben were seeing one another,” a source only uncovers in the new issue of Us Weekly. “He’s actually holding out hope of being reconciled.” Lopez, 51, and the … Read more