New set photos have revealed the best look yet at Aaron Taylor-Johnson as KRAVEN THE HUNTER

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently focusing on the Multiverse and Gods. But another Marvel character is coming but not in Marvel Cinematic Universe it is in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The first movie in this universe was Tom Hardy‘s Venom, and Venom: Let there be Carnage and now recently released by Sony is Morbius which … Read more

Madame Web Movie in Development at Sony with Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney Confirmed

Sony is now going to have their female Spider and she is going to debut in 2023. Columbia Pictures has officially announced that Madame Web will officially debut in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Star Dakota Johnson is going to do the role of Madame Web as the first female lead role in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Madame … Read more

Kraven the Hunter is the next Sony Spider-Man universe movie – Release Date officially Confirmed

So far, the Marvel films have provided us with fascinating plenty of Spider-Man villains, comprising two varied iterations each of Green Goblin, Venom, Doctor Octopus, and even Sandman as well. Nonetheless, one member of the web slinger’s villains’ hall who has never appeared in any superhero films is Kraven the Hunter, but that will all … Read more

An Electro Spin-Off is in the works – Marvel and Sony working on a Sinister Six Storyline CONFIRMED

Spider-Man’s most dashing and electrifying villain is Electro. Sony Pictures rumored that they will develop a solo movie of Electro who was played by Jamie Foxx in both The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Origin of Electro Electro or Max Dillon was first seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The movie seemed … Read more

Morbius Post-Credit Scene to tease Kraven the Hunter in the Sony Spider-Man Universe

Morbius is an anti-hero character who comes to theatres on April 1, 2022. In the trailers of Morbius, we can some Easter eggs of Spider-Man and the character of Adrian Toomes a.k.a the Vulture played by Michael Keaton whom we saw in the Spider-Man: Homecoming. As also Jared Leto confirmed that Morbius is simply connected … Read more

Aaron Taylor-Johnson CONFIRMS Sony Spider-Man Universe Kraven the Hunter movie

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is ready to trouble the superhero. He is ready for his supervillain character, Kraven the Hunter! Our prolonged wait will soon come to an end. Recently, we have received some exclusive updates on Kraven the Hunter. Sony Spider-Man Universe (SSU) is ready to launch another blockbuster movie. We are highly excited to witness … Read more