Sweet Home Season 2 Officially Renewed; 2022 Release Date Updates

The fateful South Korean haunted series Sweet Home has been renewed for a Season 2 and amazingly, for a Season 3 as well at Netflix. The first season of the series debuted on the streaming service in December 2020. It is Netflix’s original Korean Drama which has been adapted from a webtoon with the same name. The webtoon was created by Lee Eungbok. In this article, we shall discuss Sweet Home Season 2.

The name might suggest a very warm, peaceful, and normal series but on the contrary, the series is far away from the concept of “Sweet”. Sweet Home may be counted as K-drama’s response to the genre of Horror-fantasy. It has spine-chilling horror scenes with energetic special effects, action-packed sequences, and a big aggregated cast.

sweet home season 2

The plot of Sweet Home

The series focuses on Cha Hyun-soo who after the tragic death of his family, moves into a rundown apartment complex. He gets cut off socially and does not want to live. He does not want anything more than to commit suicide.

Eventually, as he starts to live in the apartment, suspicious and strange incidents start to occur in his building. His neighbors start turning into monsters. Seeing this life-threatening situation, an indigent group comes together including Hyun-soo, so that they could battle for their survival. The group includes Hyun-soo, a medical student Eun-hyuk, his sister Eun-yu, and a musician Ji-Su.

The whole plot shows a number of Oxymorons. The apartment complex is not at all like a “Sweet Home”. The inhabitants turn into monsters and the apartment complex is uncomfortable, dirty, old, and confined. Sweet Home is a gritty, grim, and in general cynical and dark series.

There are some warming and peaceful scenes in the series which don’t last for a long time and the series keeps becoming darker and darker with every progression. All through the series, the characters consistently keep distinguishing and highlighting the differences between humans and monsters by unfolding their humanity.

The plot of the series also comes up short at times. It doesn’t clarify exactly why the neighbors turn into monsters. The series signifies human materialistic desires as the reason.

How is it different from other K-dramas?

All the other K-dramas are usually based on Romance and soft genres. But Sweet Home is distinctly different from the other K-dramas firstly because it is haunted and dark and secondly because it has very laudably tried to convert a famous webtoon into a real-looking show and to life.

It is filled with exciting incidents, thrilling scenes, and many great special effects and visuals. It is not like the typical romance trope of K-dramas. So, die-hard Korean drama fans should readily watch this series if they want a break from the regular soft K-dramas.

Has the production of Sweet Home Season 2 started?

Sweet Home has been officially confirmed for Season 2 as well as Season 3. Netflix has taken 18 months to officially affirm that Sweet Home Season 2 is now in production. So it’s really official. Sweet Home Season 2 is returning.

In the March of 2022, some images on the Instagram handle of Song Kang’s manager were seen related to the series. But nothing was confirmed at that time about the renewal of Sweet Home Season 2. There were some arguments going about the authenticity of the image. But now that the renewal has been confirmed, there is no such confusion or debate going on.

Expected Plot of Sweet Home Season 2

The first season’s ending left the fans with many things to be answered in the next season. Before the last moments of Sweet Home Season 1, the viewers witnessed Sang-Wook dying in a pool of his own blood after he attempts to help Yu Ri.

The twist in the plot, at last, is seen by Cha Hyun Soo awakening in a military van, which is being driven by a perfectly fine Sang-Wook. So we can interpret that either Sang-Wook might have undergone his own Metamorphosis and got into the Golden Hour before his transformation as a monster or Myeong might have taken possession of Sang-Wook’s dead body.

Release Date of Sweet Home Season 2

Since the production of Sweet Home Season 2 has officially confirmed and might as well have begun, we can speculate that it won’t be long before it gets released on Netflix. The filming of Season 1 covered 8 months, which started from June 2019 and lasted till February 2020.

So if the production for Sweet Home Season 2 has started in June 2022, we can expect it to get completed by February or March of 2023. Thus we could witness Sweet Home in the early or mid-2023.

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