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We are about to embark on a new chapter in the Sugar Rain manhwa, with the release of Sugar Rain Chapter 28 just a few days away. In anticipation of its release, let’s take a look at what we can expect from the latest chapter, including when it will be released, and catch up on the events of the previous chapter. The new chapter is due to be released in just three days, meaning we won’t have to wait long for more action and drama from this exciting manga.

The latest chapter of the manhwa follows Yohan’s interaction with his boss, who seems to be frustrated about something. Yohan is worried that he may have done something wrong and decides to clean the area to make things right. However, his boss has other plans, and they end up spending time together inside due to the heavy rain outside. The entire chapter focuses on their encounter, with Yohan hesitant to engage in conversation and instead choosing to focus on his cleaning duties.

When will it get released?


February 25, 2023, Sugar Rain Chapter 29 will be released, as part of the manhwa’s regular release schedule, which usually happens every three days. The previous chapters were released without any interruptions, and it is expected that the same will be true for the upcoming chapter. For international fans, the release times for different time zones and countries are as follows:

Recap of the last Chapter

The chapter solely revolves around the encounter between Johan and his boss, and it appears that the boss will have to pursue Johan as he is hesitant to leave without ensuring that the area is properly cleaned. It is likely after work since there were no other individuals present in the building, and we can expect to see how their interaction unfolds in the future.

Johan’s boss is pleased to have finally found time to talk to him, but Johan is obligated to complete his duties before leaving for the day. His job involves maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace, and with everyone gone, he must make rounds to prepare the building for the following day. Unfortunately, the rain begins to fall just as he thinks he can finish and leave, which means he may have to wait until it subsides.

Despite the rain, Johan’s boss wants to utilize this opportunity to converse with him. Initially, Johan believes he may have angered his boss, but he soon learns that he has been doing an excellent job. The chapter does not place much emphasis on plot development, as the entire encounter occurs in one location between two individuals.

Where can you read the latest chapter?

Sugar Rain Chapter 28 will be available for online reading on the official Ridibooks website and its associated magazines and publications. As the manga releases a new chapter every three days, the next chapter’s release is just a few days away. It is important to use the available official platforms to read the new chapters and show support to the manga creators.



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