Stranger Things Season 4 to have huge Hour-Long episodes CONFIRMED

We are here to talk about Stranger Things Season 4 as a lot of hype is building up through the time as we move closer to the new season ahead. Stranger Things Season 4 stands out to be the most anticipated one over time and everyone has been waiting for the big show to release over the time and cover what would lead to the storyline ahead.

Mentioning the part that the show stood out to be one of the best shows on Netflix and gained huge attention and popularity over the period of time. The previous three seasons of the show have turned out to be a big success and now the fans are looking ahead to the next season thus it has been a long time since we saw the last of the Stranger Things on the screens.

Stranger Things Season 4 will be coming ahead with extending running time

The show built up a huge storyline over the period of time and the story turned out to be a mysterious and adventurous one with even more chills to cover new characters were introduced in the show and many characters then stood out to be the fan favorites at the time.

The new seasons which kept appearing at the time also kept adding new characters over the time which also helped the show to turn out successful after the story was also based upon them over the time. Stranger Things Season 4 which is coming forward will also give us the best of Max and Billy and that was something which everyone loved to see on the screens such as the story turning up to their fan-favorite characters.

Moreover to mention that the fans can’t get enough of Eleven at the time and more of the story will be portrayed along on her part. The big news shed through recently is that Matt and Ross Duffer came forward to mention that the upcoming season would be consisting of more than one hour of running time and this basically means that the show has a lot to portray at the time.


The Duffers explained that they need to reveal a bigger story at the time and this is another reason why the time has been extended for all the episodes setting to arrive soon. Both of them also stated that the episodes of 35 minutes used to be back in the first season of the show and now we are going to last longer and now a single episode would be running for more than one hour.

It is yet to see how Stranger Things Season 4 would make an impact in the industry and more updates and information will be given ahead about the new season in some period of time and though everything would be revealed regarding the story and what will hold for the characters in the new story.

Stay tuned for more.

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