Stranger Things Season 4: Millie Bobby Brown Gives MAJOR DEATH FLAG to This Character in Finale Season

Stranger Things Season 4 is currently on its way. Fans out there are really excited to witness the fourth installment of this highly popular and dramatic Netflix series. Little by little the story is getting more modified and evolved. So far, we have witnessed 3 seasons of the series. And currently, the fans are looking forward to receiving the next season of the show. Stay tuned with us, to know the latest updates on Strangers Things season 4, just right here.

When Will Stranger Things Season 4 Release?

We have received a teaser for Stranger Things season 4, which comes with the title of “Welcome to California”.  Not only that but the title of the first episode of Stranger Things season 4 has also been revealed. The first episode of the fourth season has been named, “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club”. Surely, the characters are growing up with every passing season of the show.

We haven’t really got any absolute release date for the series. But the fourth installment of the series has been scheduled to be released during the mid-season of next year, 2022. We are not sure but we think it might be aired on Netflix by next year, July or August. Are you ready to witness the most scariest and horrifying season of Stranger Things? Until then if you still haven’t watched the past 3 seasons of the show, then what are you waiting for. Definitely check the previous 3 seasons of the show exclusively just on the platform of Netflix.

Who Is Going To Die In The Final Season Of Stranger Things?

Fans are really excited as the final season of Stranger Things is soon going to be released. Harbour knows something from the beginning of the show, which is finally going to get revealed in the final season of the show. This is supposed to be the scariest season of Stranger Things. Brown is now on the evil side. Some serious evilness is on our way from his side. We have already lost Hawkins in season 3 of Stranger Things. Who is next to bid us goodbye?

The teaser of the upcoming season of Strong Things, revealed Hopper is alive! We thought he was dead in the ending part of Stranger Things season 3 but looks like he is all set to appear again on the show. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the role of Eleven in the show, has hinted to the fans that someone else might too leave us, by the end of the finale season of the show. But who will it be is still a major confusion for us? Hopper is alive, but we all know he has already once sacrificed himself to save others. Will he sacrifice himself again?

Not only that but some really exciting new characters are going to be added in the finale season of the show. Precisely 12 new characters are going to appear in Stranger Things season 4. The finale season of the show definitely holds much more for all of us. All the half-left tales, loopholes will get filled.

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