Silo Season 2 Release Date: Where to Watch and Get Cast Updates

Streaming platforms are constantly bombarding us with numerous tv shows, all of which can keep us glued to our TV screens and mobile tablets. Apple tv plus is currently giving the other platforms a run for their money with an array of intriguing tv shows. If you have an Apple tv subscription, then the hit series Silo will have kept you on the edge of your seat. The first season immediately became a hit with fans, earning an IMDB rating of 8.1 and 87% on rotten tomatoes. 

Good news for fans as the show has already been renewed for a second season despite season 1 still airing. Silo premiered on May 25th on the Apple plus tv streaming platform, and the season finale will be released on Friday, June 30th. The Apple tv plus streaming platform has already been known for releasing quality shows, so it isn’t shocking that Silo was quickly renewed for season 2. 

The Plot of Silo and Where To Watch

Silo is a post-apocalyptic drama where over ten thousand men, women, and children live underground in a giant silo while being governed by several regulations, which they believe are in place to protect them from the toxic atmosphere on the surface. They have been underground for over 200 years, and every piece of information and technology before their arrival in the silo has been destroyed. 

Nobody is allowed to exit the silo unless they request to leave. They are then equipped with a protective suit and sent out to clean the surface-level camera. However, they usually die within five minutes due to the toxic air at the surface. It is a dangerous gamble that doesn’t pay out, unlike what gamblers get playing live dealer online casino games. 

Sci-Fi tv show lovers can get access to all episodes of the series through their Apple TV Plus subscription. 

Silo Season 2 Release Date

Even though the show is airing on the platform, fans were clamoring for a second season. Many are already used to the regular cancellation of tv shows thanks to Netflix. Most movie lovers with Netflix subscriptions have faced the heartbreak of their favorite shows being canceled. For this reason, many try not to get invested in a show too early unless it’s been confirmed for a second season. However, many fans did have faith in Apple tv, and the fact that it was a big hit confirmed its renewal for a second season. 

On June 14, 2023, it was officially announced that Silo was renewed for a second season. Matt Cherniss, head of programming at Apple TV Plus, confirmed that one of the reasons the renewal happened is because the show had become the number one drama on the platform. Although no official date has been confirmed for season 2, it is believed that filming has already begun since April. So, fans might not have to wait too long to enjoy the numerous twists and turns this captivating show offers. 

Apple TV is known for not wasting time renewing their shows, as we can confirm in their hit show, Ted Lasso. So with this in mind and the fact that season 1 it’s still in its early release, all speculations point toward Spring 2024 for the release of the second season. 

Silo Season 2 Cast Info

The Silo Tv series has a habit of killing off characters very early, as we got to confirm through the killing off of Allison, played by Rashida Jones in episode 1. The trend continued with the exit of Sheriff Holston in episode 2, played by David Oyelowo. For many viewers who haven’t read the book series, it came as a complete shock, as many were expecting them to be the main characters. 

For now, no official statement has been released about who will return for season 2 and which new roles will be cast. However, it is expected that the main characters who are still alive will return. So, fans can expect to see Common as Robert Sims, Harriet Walter as Martha, and Chinaza Uche as Deputy Sheriff Paul Billings. For now, only one thing is certain, which is the return of the show’s frontrunner Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols.