Key aspects of increased sexual desire in summer 

Surely on more than one occasion you have wondered why sexual desire in summer is stronger than during other times of the year. And that’s what we are here for, along this article we are going to show you the main aspects that make many people feel an increase of sexual desire in summer.   

But before going into details we want to make it clear that not all people are the same. In some people the heat makes them more reluctant to contact and consequently that causes sexual desire to be lower in summer. Increased sunshine hours  

 1- Increased sunshine hours  

It has been shown that the increase in sunshine hours causes the production of vitamin D to be higher. Thanks to this vitamin, the body feels stronger and this allows the regulation of sex hormones to be higher. All this translates into a higher sex drive as a general rule.   

According to the latest studies, the increase in vitamin D could be directly related to the increased production of testosterone. As you may well know, this is a key sex drive hormone. That could be one of the main aspects that would cause people to have more desire to have sex during the summer. 

2- Less clothes

During the summer people tend to wear less clothes, which makes everyone look much sexier. As they tell us from this specialized website, when people wear less clothes and those clothes are lighter they show a much more provocative and sexual image.

According to tantric masseurs, the change of clothes makes the perception of attraction and sensuality much greater among people. For example, masseurs tend to have more requests because people. The exposure of the skin and the sensation of freshness can awaken interest and sexual arousal, thus contributing to increased desire during this season.

3- Increased free time

In summer it is normal that people have more free time to enjoy. And that free time also makes us change the routine and consequently we have a sense of freedom and tranquility.

As has been shown through many studies, people with low stress levels are much more likely to want to have sex. Add to that outdoor activities. These activities can also help to increase endorphin levels and the feeling of well-being will be even higher.

All this helps to make sexual desire much higher.  

4- Increased socializing

Summer also tends to be a time of increased social activity, with parties, outdoor events and shared vacations. Increased social interactions and opportunities to meet new people can play a crucial role in stimulating sexual desire. Emotional and physical connection with other individuals in a relaxed, festive environment can encourage romantic and sexual encounters.

Meeting new people can help increase desire. But on many occasions it is friends who go on vacation and that vacation translates into making the leap from friends to partner. When two friends spend more time together with the perks of vacation it is much easier for the two parties to see each other in a different way. That coupled with swimwear and the many other summer things can cause sexual tension to rise. According to the latest studies, summer has been shown to be one of the best times of the year for friends to become more than friends. What’s more, many of these relationships later bear fruit, that is, they translate into very strong relationships. Remember, when two friends get along, they get to know each other better. That is to say, when they make the leap to being a couple, they know what they are going to find, hence the probability of a breakup is lower.

5- The romantic atmosphere grows

In summer everything is much more romantic. Earlier we mentioned that there are more hours of sunshine and that helps people to be more cheerful. But this is only a part of the romantic atmosphere in summer.

For example, the landscape becomes much more colorful, which makes the romantic atmosphere more romantic. For example, one of the romantic experiences that can be enjoyed in summer is a sunset as a couple in front of the sea. That creates a really nice feeling that makes the desire to have sex much greater than at other times of the year.

Similarly, the holiday environment also helps to increase sexual desire. During the vacations people see how their senses are stimulated, in a way because they realize that more things are given as stress ceases to present itself as a barrier.

You should know that visual and sensory stimuli can awaken passion and erotic desire, creating a context conducive to the physical expression of love and intimacy.

6- Influence of culture

Although it may seem untrue, culture also pushes sexual desire to be higher in summer. In many cultures such as the West, summer is always associated with love and passion. That same culture can make behavior and attitudes more related to passion.

Remember, vacations and travel can provide an ideal setting to explore new sexual experiences and strengthen the emotional connection with your partner.

7- Hormonal changes

Although there are no 100% certified studies, there is a tendency to think that summer helps hormonal changes to be greater. The good temperatures added to the greater number of sun hours make the production of hormones to be higher. All this could have a direct influence on libido. Although at the moment this section is still under study.