Is there a market for Cisco certification in China? ! No matter, just take it first! ! !

Recently, many students who are engaged in network work told me that it is difficult for many companies, enterprises, and even manufacturers to encounter Cisco equipment, so they advised me to switch to Huawei certification, which caused me to struggle for a while.

I was exposed to Cisco certification in the first semester of college. Originally, I was interested in software. Due to my stupidity and limited ability, I had to settle for the hardware direction. Cisco certification is divided into three levels: CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. I applied for CCIE routing and switching. Starting from CCNA, it is very simple. Just remember a few commands to ping the network. The beginning of the CCNP stage is very important. It is necessary to master the principles of communication, as well as the elements and characteristics of each protocol. Communication principles should be included in the compulsory courses of the university, so it is very important to study professional courses seriously. I have to say that the information security that I have been watching recently made me regret it. What kind of microcomputer principles, operating system principles, and required courses are involved in it, but I didn’t listen to the lectures well at that time. So, compulsory courses are really important.

During the winter vacation, the school also organized Huawei’s HCIA training, and I also went to listen to a few classes. I feel that except for the configuration commands, everything else is pretty much the same, because the protocols used are the same, and they are similar to RIP. It is rarely used in modern networks. Although EIGRP has been publicized, other manufacturers basically do not use it (it is so arrogant), and then OSPF is used most in modern networks. It can be said that if OSPF is thoroughly understood and used freely, It can also hold up half of the country.

 Moreover, I often pay attention to the requirements of some recruitment platforms for network engineers. I personally think that the CCIE certificate is still valuable. After all, Cisco is the world’s leading network solution provider.

Having said that, there is no issue of patriotism, such as supporting domestic production, because I didn’t know Cisco when I first came into contact with the network, and I didn’t know any Cisco certification or Huawei certification. I just hope that with my expertise, I can return to a place where I can gain a foothold in society, and I hope that as long as I choose, I will go on firmly.

One is to write these things in order to strengthen the direction I have chosen, and the other is because I have completed the content of the CCNA and CCNP stages and have not reviewed it systematically, so I want to start my review plan here. cisco exam dumps: