How Much Content Does the Warzone Actually Have?

On the heels of a massive content drop, a Warzone update is nearly here, with opportunities for mayhem and destruction. Let’s say you’ve acquired an impressive arsenal and array of operators enjoying Modern Warfare and the second iteration of Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Meanwhile, do you wonder how much of it is accessible in Modern Warfare? The mid-season brings four new Core 6v6 maps, a new War map, some other Zombies story quests, the return of Resurgence Map Fortune’s Keep, and Ranked Play for both Multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Since many of you are waiting for the content to drop soon, we are here with a guide that mentions how much content Warzone has. Till then, if you have low points, then buy COD points and again commence the trenches of this digital battlefield. 

Four New Core 6v6 Maps

There is a massive multiplayer map offering three brand-new 6v6 maps and a fan-favorite remaster:

  • Departures: It is the brand-new, core, 6v6, medium-large sized map where players explore the departures area of the Zakhaev International Airport.
  • Stash House): This is yet another brand-new, core, 6v6, small-sized compact map where players follow the Federal authorities into a recently raided Bay Area stash house! 
  • Vista: The last brand-new, core, 6v6, medium-sized map where players can expect to see a Brazilian mountaintop resort with gift shops, restaurants, and trams.
  • Das Haus: This is their newest, core, 6v6, a small-sized map that guides you through a yet-to-be-completed skyscraper in the vicinity of Highrise.

Multiplayer Maps: Two Map Variants

In the pool of otherworldly-themed maps, the two new variants are now added. These are:

  • Airborne: There you’ll find a virulent plague of unknown origin that has swept through a terminal.
  • Skidgrow: This is the vastly overgrown Skidrow where plant life has taken over.

Multiplayer Maps: New War Map

In downtown Urzikstan, Warzone contains a new large-scale operation where players can expect an airdrop as the team skydives down to the roof of a skyscraper. One team takes charge of defending and protecting the structure. And, the other activates controls and plants explosives to clear a path downward. 

When the attacking team exits the skyscraper into an urban park, the operation culminates. For sure, you can expect intense and ferocious combat as all hell breaks loose.

Five Game Modes, Vortex Playlist Arrive

Here are those 5 game modes:

  • Team Gun Game: This mode takes place with base Team Deathmatch in effect. Here, players start with the same specific weapon and along with their teammates, they eliminate rival players to progress through a set of eight chosen weapons.
  • Snipers Only: If you have a steady hand and a predilection for quick scoping, you might like this mode. Here, long-range shots are anticipated. On the other hand, closer takedown comes down to your dexterity, loadout, and correct magnification. 
  • Hordepoint (Limited-Time Mode): Players in this mode battle with a shambling mass of zombies. Occasionally, there will be the unwelcome arrival of elite zombies that add pandemonium!  
  • Juggermosh (Limited-Time Mode): This is a special third-person-perspective multiplayer mode variant. This is all one-on-one combat, within matches of Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint.
  • Bounty: In this mode, players eliminate enemy players until the score limit is reached to win. A player with the most killed enemies is marked HVT (high-value target).

New Perk: Ninja Vest

The new perk that we are talking about is the “Ninja Vest” which is a silent melee and throwing weapon specialist. It includes 3 equipment slots (Tactical, Lethal, and Field Upgrade) and 2 gear slots (Boots and Gear).

The beneficial effects of Ninja Vest are as follows:

  • Say goodbye to footstep sounds.
  • Resilient to movement reduction effects.
  • Bonus Shuriken and Throwing Knife Ammo.
  • Replenish both the Shuriken and the Throwing Knives every 25 seconds.

Final Words

That is it for now! Modern Warfare offers one of the greatest collections ever assembled. It includes the modernized versions of all maps, the introduction of all-new open-world zombies, and a campaign.

Arriving at the scene, they find Task Force 141 facing off against the ultimate threat.

Upgrade to the latest edition, share weapons, level up, and progress through battles!