Assignment Writing Services vs. ChatGPT: Which Should You Use?

Being a student isn’t as easy as you might’ve imagined. You have to keep up with an insane academic workload, attend so many classes, and, in many cases, hold onto a job to finance your studies.

So, it’s no wonder why you may be looking into tools like ChatGPT to cut some corners. But is it really better than turning to an assignment writing service? (Spoiler alert: it’s not; you’d be better off browsing domyessay promo code than asking ChatGPT to do your assignment for you.)

Well, on the one hand, Do My Essay reviews aren’t free – and GPT Chat is, at least for now. But on the other hand, do the pros outweigh the cons? We’ve decided to investigate the matter.

Let’s break down the advantages and pitfalls of both approaches and decide which one you should choose to ace your homework.

GPT Chat Pros & Cons

Wait. What is Chat GPT, exactly? In simple terms, it’s an AI-powered chatbot created by OpenAI. It learned to generate content by scraping and analyzing tons of texts from the Internet.

Here are its pros:

  1. GPT Chat is free; well, to be precise, its research version is.
  2. It’s easy and intuitive to use. Just open the chatbot, type in your request, and get the answer.
  3. ChatGPT can generate a 1,000-word text in under ten seconds – faster than humanly possible.

However, ChatGPT isn’t without its cons – and they are substantial in comparison with turning to an assignment writing service:

  1. ChatGPT can’t replace human creativity. It struggles with assignments where it’s a must because ChatGPT is akin to a blender.
  2. You may get caught red-handed. Many schools – and individual educators – now know what ChatGPT is and how to check for AI-generated content.
  3. You won’t get an excellent assignment. The generated texts often come across as wooden, are full of clichés, and lack creativity.
  4. ChatGPT can’t fact-check anything. It can’t tell what’s true and what’s false. So, you’ll have to do all the leg work yourself anyway.
  5. ChatGPT is prone to hallucinating. It sometimes generates false statements or makes up whole facts, events, and people.
  6. It can’t handle complex assignments. If yours requires in-depth research, ChatGPT can’t perform it for you.

Assignment Writing Services Pros & Cons

An assignment writing service is a platform where you can find an expert and hire them to take care of your assignment. Such platforms have been around for years. Here are their pros compared to ChatGPT:

  1. You get a fully custom assignment when it comes to style, formatting, and structure.
  2. You can be sure there’s no plagiarism. Respectable platforms will send you a free plagiarism report to demonstrate your assignment is original.
  3. Your data is safe and sound. Your activity is anonymized and protected with encryption and solid privacy practices.
  4. You can get help with any kind of assignment, from a research paper to a dissertation.
  5. You get quality help from a vetted expert in the field.
  6. You can use the delivered assignment to improve your academic writing skills and learn from it.

But, as good as they can get, assignment help services have their cons, too:

  1. You won’t get your order instantly. Research, writing, proofreading, and editing all take time. The fastest turnaround is usually six hours.
  2. You may need to request edits. This means you’ll need to wait for the helper to make the edits.
  3. You will have to pay for these services. Assignment writing help isn’t free; experts have to make a living, after all. That said, affordable services do exist.

ChatGPT vs. Assignment Services: Who Wins?

So, if you find yourself in a pickle, should you forgo DoMyEssay help services and trust the OpenAI chatbot with your homework? Well, we would advise against it for several crucial reasons:

  • Texts generated by ChatGPT simply can’t rival assignments delivered by a living, breathing expert in their field when it comes to accuracy, research and sourcing, creativity, and overall quality.
  • You may get sanctioned for using ChatGPT, and it may get as bad as academic probation and, in some cases – expulsion.
  • You can’t generate texts longer than 4,096 characters with ChatGPT. With an assignment service, there’s no such limit.

If you’re hesitating to turn to a service because you don’t know which one you can trust, you just need to find a time-tested one. Some services have been around for years and decades and have a proven track record. Check out platform reviews to make a well-weighed choice.

In Conclusion

AI writing tools may have won over some students’ hearts at the beginning of the hype. But time has shown: they’re hardly a worthy substitute for an assignment writing service that employs experts with years of academic writing experience and solid research and creative writing skills.

So, if you still hesitate to choose between using ChatGPT and hiring an expert, keep in mind that the pros hardly outweigh the cons. Not only will you get a so-so assignment from the AI tool – you will also risk serious sanctions.

Don’t know which service to turn to? DoMyEssay has your back. It’s a time-tested platform trusted by thousands of students across the world.