Steve Coy Cause of Death: The Legacy of the Dead or Alive Drummer

Who was Steve Coy?

Steve Coy was a British musician, best known as the drummer and later multi-instrumentalist of the 1980s pop band Dead or Alive. He joined the band in 1982, shortly before they signed to Epic Records and achieved worldwide fame with their hit single “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” in 1985. He remained an active member of the band until their separation in 2016, following the death of their lead singer Pete Burns.

How did Steve Coy die?

Steve Coy passed away on May 4, 2018, at the age of 56. The cause and place of his death were not officially reported by his family or representatives. However, according to an article from an Italian website, Steve Coy was battling with a tumor that was bothering him for 11 months, which was the reason for his death. His wife Marina announced his death on Facebook, saying “I’m so sad to tell you all that my beloved husband and beautiful person Steve Coy has passed away in his sleep. He was the love of my life and I will miss him forever.”

What was Steve Coy’s contribution to music?

Steve Coy was not only a drummer, but also a bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and manager of Dead or Alive. He played a vital role in shaping the band’s sound and image, especially after they reduced their lineup to a duo of Coy and Burns in 1988. He co-wrote and co-produced many of their songs, including “Brand New Lover”, “Something In My House”, “Hooked On Love”, and “Turn Around And Count 2 Ten”. He also collaborated with Burns on several side projects, such as International Chrysis and The Mystery Girls.

Steve Coy was also involved in the compilation of the comprehensive box set Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI, which was released shortly after Burns’ death in 2016. The box set contained all of the band’s albums, singles, remixes, rarities, and unreleased tracks. It was a testament to the band’s musical legacy and Coy’s dedication to preserving it.

How did the music world react to Steve Coy’s death?

Steve Coy’s death was met with shock and sadness by many fans and fellow musicians. Boy George, who was a friend and rival of Pete Burns, tweeted “So sad to hear about the passing of Steve Coy from Dead Or Alive.” Other artists who paid tribute to Coy included Marc Almond, Andy Bell, Neil Tennant, and Holly Johnson. Many fans also expressed their condolences and appreciation for Coy’s music on social media.

Steve Coy was a talented and versatile musician who left behind a rich and diverse catalog of songs. He was also a loyal and loving partner to Pete Burns and a devoted husband to Marina. He will be remembered as a member of one of the most influential and flamboyant bands of the 1980s.

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