Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch Returns from the Dead as a Na’vi in Avatar 2 Teaser

We are here to shed light on the latest movie news which has been taking the internet by storm as Avatar 2 has some big updates holding in its teaser.

The Industry will be witnessing some of the big movie titles lining up in the period of time and mentioning the part that one of the most anticipated titles is the sequel of Avatar as there have been a lot of talks among the fans about how the upcoming movie will continue ahead as the first installment of the movie break records in the box office and so the second installment of the movie is expected to do the same.

The sequel of Avatar has been in talks and discussions for a long period of time and thus the movie is finally heading closer to its release date and the authorities have finally come forward to drop the teaser trailer at this period time.

Avatar 2: The Way of Water will be building a big storyline now that the villain is making a comeback

The internet on the other hand has not stopped talking ever since the teaser trailer of the title was released and some of the big discussions and predictions are being put ahead. Avatar: The Way of Water will be making a big impact with the storyline but a little is known till now as there have not been a lot of spoilers and other information from the title hence the fans have been able to take out some of the most potential clues and give a big sign to everyone as what is coming in the next installment of the title.

The first footage which was out recently opened up to how Stephen Lang’s Colonel Miles Quaritch shall be resurrected through the time and the theory which is put forward is how the mercenary will be now inhabiting an Avatar body and this has been put through on the internet and the theory have gotten over much attention at the period of time.

The news has not been confirmed at the time, but the big tattoo on his arm and the military haircut gives a clarification over the time that Colonel Miles Quaritch shall be appearing in the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water.

Moreover mention that it is a possibility that the villain is brought back to life whereas to mention that there shall be other advantages portrayed ahead in the title as the hero Jake Sully along with the native Na’vi shall be standing out in their own manner in the upcoming movie.

The news has not been confirmed but it is put through that the character is set to make a comeback and though it is yet to see what more information will the authorities of the movie will be giving as everyone is looking forward to covering more updates from the title.

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