Stephen Colbert Speaks About Afghanistan’s Current Situation: Taliban or Tali-buddies? Here’s What You Have To Know

In the Late Night Show, Stephen Colbert talks about Afghanistan’s terrible situation. Colbert also discusses the new booster shot plan by Joe Biden. New York’s Vaccine requirements for indoor venues and restaurants is renewed and is the talk of the show.

Stephen’s View On Afghanistan & Taliban

On the Late Show hosted by Stephen Colbert, he discussed the distressful situation Afghanistan is in due to the fall of Kabul. The American troops had withdrawn securities after 20 years from the land of Afghanistan. After few days of the retrieval, the Taliban attacked and seized control over almost every part of the country.

Colbert talked about how the Taliban had taken all the expensive resources that the American government had left there. The Taliban had taken most of the military arsenals such as guns, ammunition, and fighter aircraft. He talked about the situation in a funny manner while keeping in mind the gravity of the current situation.

The Taliban’s New Announcement

The 53-year-old comedian talked about how monstrous the previous regime of the Taliban was. He discussed the time when the Taliban was in power and it basically stripped off the civil rights of people, especially women. While the country is in turmoil, the Taliban have proposed a new identity for themselves claiming a reformation. They say that they are not the same Taliban anymore.

They vowed to reinvent themselves as they gave themselves a new name “Tali-buddies” and not Taliban, which implies their claim of being a friendly association that doesn’t promote violence. Colbert reported in a funny way that the Taliban have promised that they will not indulge in reprisal killings.

Colbert About Biden’s New Booster Shot Plan

The “Late Show” star then changed the topic and started discussing the new booster plan by Biden where people will be recommended to take covid shots. The shots are scheduled to be received 8 months after receiving the 2nd dose. Few chosen doctors and nurses will reportedly receive the shots by mid-September.

He casually joked about how half of the American population hasn’t taken the jab yet. This booster shot will be a reminder for people who haven’t yet taken the required doses, he added.

Seth Meyers On Late Night

On the “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, he re-enunciated what Biden had addressed regarding the current changing situation of Afghanistan. He joked about how the Taliban had created such menace just within a week and how they should be given charge of the bills related to infrastructure.

The Host, Meyers talked about Biden as he discussed the smooth takeover by the Taliban over Afghanistan and its military as the American military retreated from Afghanistan’s territories due to a peace deal signed between Trump and the Taliban in the past. He also addressed Biden’s decision of not helping Afghanistan monetarily.

Other News

New York has recently initiated new vaccine requirements for venues that are indoors and restaurants. They have reportedly updated the requirements so that people can visit these places without any fear and feel safe.

On the “Tonight Show”, host Jimmy Fallon also talked about Biden’s new booster shot plan about recommending people to get jabbed and take the shots timely. He reported the news through his usual banter about how the White House is making a trailer out of this plan so that the Americans buy the idea. Through his banter, he also addressed the new requirements of indoor venues and restaurants.

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