Stephanie Moseley Cause of Death: A Tragic Tale of Fame and Violence

Stephanie Moseley was a rising star in Hollywood, with a promising career as an actress, dancer and choreographer. She had appeared in films like Catwoman, Idlewild and Mirror Mirror, and had performed with pop icons like Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Chris Brown. She was also a regular cast member of the VH1 series Hit the Floor, where she played a cheerleader. She had over 95,000 followers on Instagram, where she posted photos of her glamorous life.

But behind the scenes, Moseley was trapped in a turbulent marriage with rapper Earl Hayes, who was signed to boxer Floyd Mayweather’s record label. Hayes was reportedly insecure and jealous of his wife’s success, and accused her of having affairs with famous musicians, including Trey Songz. The couple had separated for a year, but were trying to reconcile in late 2014.

The Murder-Suicide That Shocked the World

On December 8, 2014, Moseley and Hayes were in their apartment in Los Angeles’s Fairfax neighborhood. According to TMZ, Hayes was video chatting with Mayweather around 7 a.m. that morning, when he walked away from the phone and shot Moseley multiple times in the bathroom. Mayweather heard the gunshots and tried to persuade Hayes not to kill himself, but to no avail. Hayes then turned the gun on himself and ended his life.

The police arrived at the scene around 7:30 a.m., after neighbors reported hearing screams and gunshots. They found both Moseley and Hayes dead in the apartment. The murder-suicide shocked the entertainment industry and the public, who mourned the loss of a talented and beautiful woman.

The Aftermath of the Tragedy

The motive behind Hayes’s violent act remains unclear, but some sources suggest that he was influenced by Mayweather, who allegedly told him to dump Moseley because she was bad for his career. Mayweather also reportedly riled up Hayes by saying he was weak for not leaving her. Mayweather has a history of domestic violence himself, having been convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2010.

Moseley’s family and friends remembered her as a kind, generous and hard-working person, who had a passion for dancing and acting. Her co-stars from Hit the Floor paid tribute to her on social media and dedicated an episode to her memory. Her funeral was held in Vancouver, Canada, where she was born and raised.

Moseley’s death also raised awareness about the issue of domestic violence, especially among celebrities. Many people urged victims to seek help and support from organizations like the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which offers 24/7 assistance to callers who are experiencing abuse from their partners.

Stephanie Moseley’s cause of death was a tragic incident that cut short the life of a promising star. She will be remembered for her talent, beauty and spirit, and her story will serve as a reminder of the dangers of domestic violence.

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