Starstruck Season 3 Release Date – Is it returning on HBO Max?

Finding a suitable Rom-Com has always been a never-ending goose chase but Starstruck when dropped in 2021, it has left all awestruck and the search ended with the well-acclaimed series. The HBO Max series co-produced by BBC Three has been the talk of the town and when season two ended after its February 2022 premier fans couldn’t wait for Starstruck Season 3. So, whether we have a renewal announcement or not, and if yes then when will the next season be released?

Starstruck: The Performance

Starstruck debuted on 25th April 2021 and has garnered viewers and thereafter praises- critically too right from season one. The second installment maintained the same momentum while keeping acceptance for further seasons alive.

The romantic comedy has accumulated 100% critical acclaim on rotten tomatoes for its first season while the season scored 92% on the review platform.

Gregor Sharp, BBC comedy commissioner couldn’t stop praising the comedy-drama saying

“Starstruck is a blast of fresh comedy air, perfectly capturing the emotional mayhem of a new relationship with sharp wit, dry humor, and a truthful eye – we can’t wait to see what Rose and the team have in store for Jessie and Tom in the new series.”

Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max head of originals has also spoken in favor saying

“Rose has created a show that strikes just the right balance of heart and humor.” She added, “Starstruck is exactly the kind of rom-com that we love at HBO Max, and we are so happy to see Jessie and Tom’s story continue.”

The renewal of Starstruck Season 3

When the associated channel has expressed the approval itself then can we be sure of Starstruck Season 3? Yes, BBC in an announcement earlier in June has renewed Starstruck for a third season. Like its two predecessors, the third season will also have 6 episodes.

Rose Matafeo who played Jessie in the series having Nikesh Patel as Tom Kapoor by her side has also created the series along with Alice Snedden. While reacting to the news of the third season the multi-tasker exclaimed “A third? Sure. Fine,” “I’m truly thrilled to bring this incredibly talented cast back for a third installment and equally excited to clamber into the director’s seat alongside my nice friend Alice Snedden who I cannot seem to get rid of.”

Along with Matafeo and Nikesh, the ensemble also includes Minnie Driver, Emma Sidi, Russell Tovey, Liz Kingsman, Nadia Parkes, Ambreen Razia, Abraham Popoola, Lola-Rose Maxwell, Nic Sampson, Sindhu Vee, Joe Barnes, Jon Pointing and Al Roberts and the same cast members are expected to replay their roles in Starstruck Season 3. However, we cannot guarantee another cameo of Minnie.

The duo, Matafeo, and Snedden will not only be limited to writing along with Nic Sampson this time but will also step into the directing world with the upcoming Starstruck Season 3. Reportedly they will direct all six episodes for the season.

If you wonder what will Starstruck Season 3 will bring next then get a hint from Matafeo’s approach she took while making the hit drama Starstruck. Before even the renewal announcement the actress-creator-producer explained her approach towards the series to The Hollywood Reporters in March saying

“We always treated each [season] as a thing unto its own. The first series… what a perfect ending! It doesn’t need a single thing beyond that – and then we made a second [season]. We had the same approach for season two,” she said.

“We always wanted to do something that would feel satisfying to someone even watching the second season without watching the first… I do think we’ve tried to put work into creating a world people want to return to… and hopefully, it’s a world that feels warm and you want to be in the company of those characters again. That’s the door that is left open.”

So, as the couple reunited at the end of season 2 after deciding to split up due to the various problems persisting in their relationship, we will see the sufficing conclusion in the third season too.

Starstruck Season 3: Release Date

Well, the makers were quick to announce the renewal of the series for season 3 but even after it was announced in June itself we do not even have news of the drama being on the floor for the shooting. That says we also do not have a release date in hand for Starstruck Season 3.

But as the previous season was announced around the same time and the premier came in February we expect the third season to be dropped around the same time in 2023.

Where To Watch Starstruck?

Both of the seasons of Starstruck can be found on BBC iPlayer if you are in the United Kingdom. While the residents of the United States will find it on HBO Max. The series has in total of 12 episodes and each season consists of 6 episodes.

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