Squid Games Season 2: Will Seong Gi‑Hun be Able to Destroy the Organisation?

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According to the resources, in Squid Game Season 2, Seong Gi-Hun could overpower the Front Man and could destroy the Squid Games from inside. Squid Game is one of the most popular series among the youth these days, which premiered on Netflix lately. At the end of the first season of the series, Seong Gi- Hun was the only man to survive in this deadly Squid Games. It is assumed that he will be the first character to make a comeback in the next season of Squid Games. The return of Seong Gi-Hun could pose trouble for the Criminal Organization which runs the threatful Squid Games.

Recap of the final episode of Squid Games

As displayed in the last episode of the first season of Squid Games, in order to keep his promise of meeting his daughter who was present in the US living with his Ex-wife and new father, Seong Gi-Hun went to the airport. But as soon as he enters the airport he meets the recruiter of Squid Games and however manages to get a Squid Games card from a player. Instead of taking the flight for the US, despite being warned by the Frontman to take the flight, Seong Gi-Hun gets out of the airport and his facial reactions reveal that he has some plans against the Squid Games.

Conspiracies related to Squid Games and Seong Gi-Hun

As revealed by the resources, Seong Gi- Hun is not only trying to defeat the Front but also in an attempt to destroy the entire Squid Game organization. According to reports, Seong Gi- Hun has several sources that he requires in order to confront the Front Man. In an attempt to destroy the Squid Game from inside, Seong Gi- Hun will challenge the In- Ho for the label of Front Man of Squid Games. And also according to some theories the old man, Il-Nam who was the father of Seong Gi- Hun had a desire to hand over the control of Squid Games to his son prior to his death. To complete the last desire of the founder of Squid Games, the entire organization could welcome Seong Gi- Hun to fight In- Ho for the position of the Front Man and establish full control over the Squid Games.

The other for Seong Gi- Hun to have more access to Squid Games is to take part as a worker of the organization rather than being a player. In this way, he would have more access to the different places on the island. These are the most relevant theories of the second season of Squid Games. With this plan, Seong Gi- Hun could pair up with Jun- Ho, who initially died in the first season but it is assumed that he may still be alive and show up in the second season. He could help Seong Gi- Hun in exploring different places on the island.

What plan is made by Seong Gi- Hu is still to be seen. These suppositions can come to an end only after the launch of Squid Game Season 2.

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