Spy X Family Episode 13 Explained and Where to Watch

We are here to drop the latest anime update regarding Spy X Family Episode 13 is here and it has been holding big suspense with the running episodes.

Spy X Family gained a lot of attention with just the first season and though everyone was convinced that the second season was on its way and mentioning the part that the coolest trio has now finally returned on the screens for another season and the big plot is being delivered once again and the anime fans are curious to know what more will be running forward in the story.

Though to mention that the first season of the show concluded on an interesting note as Anya was seen acquiring her first Stella along with Loid receiving up a mission and while on a family outing to an aquarium and it was always on the list for a long time. However to mention that the blond spy is yet to complete his elite mission at the time and that is of reaching Donovan Desmond whereas to mention that things will get more exciting as they will intend to follow the missions mainly.

Spy X Family Episode 13

Spy X Family Episode 13 is named Project Apple

Spy X Family Episode 13 has been holding up a big hype on what will be leading forward and while there have been some big updates on the upcoming episode by the authorities. Spy X Family Episode 13 has been titled ‘Project Apple’. Episode 13 of the show has released on October 1, 2022, and is available to watch globally on Crunchyroll and even on Netflix whereas mentioning that the time of the release may vary with different geographical regions.

Hence to mention that even Part 2 of the show will be releasing out on the weekly basis and as same as the first part thus the first part of the show consisted of a total of 25 episodes and now that the first core has completed 12 epsiodes at this time, there are 13 more episodes to follow ahead.

A lot has already happened in the show such as the previous episode 12 portrayed how Loid was talking to Anya and Yor on the other hand was talking to Berlin Aquarium. The kind of family outing is basically being done at the time to show the neighbors around that they are one happy family but to mention that things do not go ahead according to plans of Loid.

The blond spy was also assigned over with a mission by the agency and which was later marked as important sometime before boarding the train. He was basically tasked to acquire the kind of microfilm which was being illegally transported out through a penguin. The microfilm is known to be important for the organization as it contained some kind of vital information about the chemical weapon. The mission at first seemed very complicated to him but Anya and even Yor go on to help Loid in their own form of manner and the mission turns out to be successful because of them.

Spy X Family Episode 13 expected to cover the chemical weapon story

Loid later goes on to buy Anya a penguin plushie after his mission turned out to be successful. There was a little sneak peek given that the chemical weapon is currently in the making and it would be dangerous to know more information about the ongoing activity while the spies are not aware of it hence they will do everything in order to make a stop on it.

The spies had a remarkable mission run in the first season and they are expected to make it again in the second season of the show but it does not look easy what is being put forward and the kind of hurdles that they would have to overcome. While there is word that episode 13 of Spy X Family will be covering more of the background story on the chemical weapon and this is no doubt going to be interesting as the spies will do their best to know more about this dangerous chemical weapon and put a stop to it.

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