Spy x Family Chapter 65 Release Date Delayed? Everything to Know

The famous Spy x Family is a Japanese Manga series that has been written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It has also been adapted for an anime series. But in this article, we will be talking about Spy x Family Chapter 65. The 64th chapter was released on 23rd June 2022 and Chapter 65 was about to be released on 10th July 2022.

The manga series is presently one of the most loved and trending manga right now among Manga Fans. Spy x Family has a very gripping plot which could be credited as the main cause of the series gaining such high popularity. The consecutive publishing of new chapters of Spy x Family has provoked the fans to look forward to the new releases of the manga. The plot and fun characters have kept the fans invested in the series.

Manga comics nowadays are an unending source of fun and entertainment and the Japanese world of manga series has a huge reservoir of Manga comics and light novels. And Spy x Family is one such Manga that has remained on the reader’s list of numerous Binge readers. The manga fans have been loyal to this genre of manga. Many keep waiting for the Spy x Family Part 2 and turn to the manga for entertainment.

Spy x Family Chapter 65

Reading Platforms of Spy x Family

Since reading manga comics has become an activity the people around the globe, and many people are taking part in reading manga, it is quite obvious that the number of reading platforms would be increased for the comfort of the readers so that they do not have to put much effort into surfing the manga comics. In fact, these reading platforms have become some of the major media for reading Manga Series.

Many platforms have been adding several other manga series to their reading list. Because of this, there has been an increase in the intake of Manga, as these platforms need minimal effort. But besides those particular online platforms, there are also several websites where these Manga series are being released for fans.

Spy x Family Chapter 64 in Brief

The 64th Chapter of Spy x Family was published on 23rd June 2022. It started by bringing back little Anya and her new adventures in her school, Eden Academy. Her school bus faces a problem that takes her back home and she is left under the care of Henderson, her House Master.

The 64th Chapter entirely followed the development of Anya’s character and showed her teacher a clearer comprehension of Anya. Anya gets scared if she would get into trouble for not liking to go to school. But her teacher ensures her that she is not going to face any problems in school.

Her housemaster Henderson is determined in thinking that her lacking performance in her school might be caused by the concerns that Anya is facing due to her Tonitrus. Although, he learns that she is as happy as always. Meanwhile, Anya sees through his mind so as to learn what should she answer for getting her tea cakes and expresses fake concerns over her two Tonitrus.

Anya is also fixed to obtain Stellas so that she could become an Imperial Scholar. Spy x Family Chapter 64 marks the return of the star of the Forger family’s adventures because, in the previous few chapters, they were not mentioned. Anya’s school adventures continued with the fun and calm conversation between the little Esper and her teacher.

The chapter also introduces what is most likely to be happening in the future of the manga, which would be showing a new Anya who will be becoming determined to work hard and win the Stellas.

Why was Chapter 65 Delayed?

Spy x Family Chapter 65 was supposed to be published on the 10th of July according to the schedule. But unfortunately, it was delayed due to some unknown reasons. The writer Tatsuya Endo is popular for taking creative breaks from his Manga writing from time to time.

The Spy x Family anime was going to be off-air for the next three months and that is why the readers were highly looking forward to Spy x Family Chapter 65 and more. But instead of Chapter 65, the readers were given an extra issue, which consisted of just one color page. On that page, Anya is going out on a class trip with her friends.

The artwork might be an indication of the upcoming arc which would feature an outing with Class 1-3. But Spy x Family Chapter 65 has been delayed for two weeks and will now be released on 24th July 2022 instead.

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