Spotify CEO clears Intention of not CANCELING Joe Rogan over recent Controversy

The chairperson of Spotify, Daniel Ek has expressed his apologies to the workers of the online music streaming platform last Sunday. He apologized regarding the controversial situation around Joe Rogan. But we can see that he also supported the podcast host in many ways. He said that he did not believe that firing the podcaster will be appropriate.

It was reported that Spotify is taking down almost 70 episodes of the podcast that is hosted by Joe Rogan (The Joe Rogan Experience) by the weekend. Last Saturday, Joe Rogan made a public apology regarding the moments when he said the N-word in the previous episodes of his podcast. In the letter that was sent by the chairperson of Spotify to the employees of the company, it was said that the opinions that were made by Joe Rogan in the previous episodes of his podcast, do not signify the moral of the organization.

He also revealed in the letter that the company is dealing with Joe and his team regarding the explicit contents of the show. That includes the instances where Joe used some language that is racial and as well as insensitive. After they discussed the whole matter, Rogan took a decision to remove a large number of episodes from his podcast. Ek also mentioned that Joe has made a public apology last Saturday.

His apology has made things more complicated as the company wants to protect one of the most famous podcasters (considered to be a portion of the planning that is taken importantly for the future of the company) despite the increasing dissatisfaction from other artists and subscribers.

Ek expressed his opinion in his letter saying that on one hand, he condemns the mistakes that Joe has made and he agrees with his decision of removing a large number of episodes from the platform. On the other hand, he knows that most people want more. They want the organization to ban Joe Rogan. But he does not believe that removing Joe Rogan will solve everything.

He also added that the company has made new rules and regulations regarding podcasts. The new rules have been introduced to draw a prominent line between the quality of the content and what kind of action to take when the line is crossed. But if we totally cancel out a voice, that will not go well. If we look at the matter more openly, the open voice is critical and is needed for the progress which will be necessary for future.” He concluded.

Rogan Signed a multi-year contract with Spotify which is allegedly worth more than 100 million USD. The podcast of Joe Rogan has garnered a lot of popularity and he has become one of the most prominent and popular podcasters inside the company. The program of Joe Rogan usually enlightens over a vast number of topics. His topics include politics, sports, movies, even theoretical science, and other entertaining topics. His program has recently made its name to the news for the wrong information provided by one of his guests Dr. Robert Malone.

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