SPOILERS: ‘Eleven’s DEATH’ in Stranger Things Season 4 HINTED by David Harbour

David Harbour is known for his role in Stranger Things and also his role in Black Widow. While he is has been busy shooting for the upcoming Netflix series Stranger Things Season 4.

He Describes the season’s big beautiful scene. Recently back when he went live to his Instagram feed from the sets of Stranger Things itself he was seen as the most tired guy in the view this tells a lot about his character he will be working hard and this time we will be seeing more and more in the season.

While he went he might have leaked some details while just chatting with his fans during his free time and suddenly his co-star Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven came online and joined the fed and scolded cutely to get to work and stopped him technically spiling more details.

The show was set to be released in 2021 but due to pandemic conditions that show was halted and would release next year. While Directors of shows got more chances to write and plan things more efficiently and make every character look more Amazing and focus on what they should show on the story itself.


Directors told that initially they were set on planing the show as the last season in the series but pandemic has given them the time to think and apply more chances to the story and when the fully scripted pages were ready they were ready to shoot and right now the show has been shooting in full production and soon will be completed.

While Netflix has shared Teaser which shows the location will be changed and they are moving to further locations know and show will be taking a gap and characters will be seen as Teenagers almost. The show every gets Darker, funnier, Sadder, and full of more suspense.

They said the season won’t be last season as they plan to make it more further and portray the Story.

Here are all the details so far we know About the show.

  • The Character of the Eleven will be seen in the new Powerful away. She has gotten used to her power and now she can do more things with her power.


  • There are chances that she (Eleven) will be forced to fight someone stronger than her this time and that will ultimately lead to her death.
  • The Character is Going to explore off the story what’s going in the town .
  • Some Character who has died in the first there 3 seasons is going to make a Comeback.
  • Eleven is getting some Major Upgrades to her power.
  • Maybe we will finally get to see who is the real Father of Eleven.

Netflix has a long History of Dropping Teaser Continusoly. THen Had to Drop a Twioo to three trailers and then Finally release the show to its website and App. While Fans have to some more time before they Announce the Actual date of when the Series is going to release. Fans are trying to get any information they can on their Favourite Characters.

You can watch the teaser here.


You can also watch some Bloopers from season 3.


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