South Park Season 24; Are There New Episodes Coming?

South Park is an American animated TV sitcom that is telecasted on Comedy Central that has 23 seasons. It was originally supposed to air on Fox and was developed by the Fox Broadcasting Company but they rejected it later on and it was then picked up by Comedy Central.

South Park is known for its foul language, profanity, satirical humor, and the wide range of topics it covers. It is definitely not a good idea to let your kids watch it! South Park is also apparently banned in Kuwait and a few other countries due to offensive religious jokes made in the show- mainly about Muslims.

However, despite all of that, the show has been nominated for a variety of different awards including 3 Annie awards, of which it won 1, 2 Critics Choice TV Awards, 17 Emmy Awards, of which it won 5, 3 TCA Awards, and 1 Peabody Award which it won.

South Park follows four boys- Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick- who live in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado. These boys go on many adventures -or should I say misadventures- in this bizarre town that include both ordinary as well as supernatural occurrences!


Stan Marsh- voiced by Trey Parker

Kyle Broflovski- voiced by Matt Stone

Eric Cartman- voiced by Trey Parker

Kenny McCormick- voiced by Matt Stone

Chef- voiced by Isaac Heyes

Token Black- voiced by Adrian Beard

Mr. Slave- voiced by John Hansen

Liane Cartman- voiced by Mary Kay Bergman

Bebe Stevens- voiced by Jennifer Howell

Sharon Marsh- voiced by April Stewart

Linda Stotch- voiced by Mona Marshall

The show creators are Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who also voice the main characters of the show.

Creators include Adam Berry, Scott Nickoley, and Jamie Dunlap.


South Park season 23 aired from September 25th, 2019 to December 11th, 2019 and had 10 episodes in all.

After that, naturally, season 24 was expected. But it did not come.


In 2020, 2 extended-length special episodes of the show came out. Both of them were addressing the Covid-19 pandemic which has obviously affected South Park Season 24 as well. These episodes were placed quite far apart.

The first special episode named “The Pandemic Special” aired on Comedy Central on September 30th, 2020.

The second special episode, “South ParQ Vaccination Special” aired on March 10th, 2021 almost 5 months later.

There was some confusion as to whether these were episodes from the new season or just random special episodes.

It was later clarified that these were, in fact, the first two episodes of South Park season 24. But the other episodes will not be coming on a weekly basis as usual.


It is uncertain when new episodes of South Park season 24 will come out. The creators did hint at more hour-long special episodes so maybe they will come out over the course of a few months instead of on a weekly basis like the previous seasons.

The second one came 5 months after the first. It has now been more than 5 months since episode 2. We don’t have any updates from the creators about new episodes but if these 2 are counted and this season has 10 episodes like all the previous ones, then we might have only 8 episodes left.


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