Sony Confirms January Release Date For Jared Leto Starrer “Morbius” Movie In Latest Trailer

Your most awaited film is now just around the corner! Have you got updated with it yet? Well, you heard it right! Morbius is soon going to come out. We have been waiting for this particular feature film for over a year now, but still, no reports came to us until today! To know all about Morbius and Jared Leto, stay tuned with us, just right here!

When Will “Morbius” Release?

One of the most awaited films, “Morbius” has finally come out with its release date. I know you were expecting it, to come out way earlier than this. A few years back, we heard Morbius was about to release back in October 2020. The first-ever teaser trailer of Morbius was out last year in January 2020. But things went downhill, October passed away but we didn’t really hear much about Morbius. Until today, a few days back we got the trailer of the pending movie.

Morbius is all set to drive you crazy, the upcoming year. Yes, if things go well and the film doesn’t face further delays, then you can expect the film to flourish on the big screen on this upcoming, 28th January 2022. Yes, to enjoy the movie, you have to visit your nearby theatres, as this one is going to release on the big screen. But don’t you worry, as soon after the initial release on the big screen, the movie will be picked up by the giant online streaming platforms out there.

Have You Checked Out Jared Leto In Morbius Yet?

Jared Leto happens to be the center of attraction for the upcoming awaited movie, Morbius. He is going to play the role of the vampire. Take your seats and fasten your seat belts because they will scare you the most. Previously, Jared had appeared in a number of films. But none shows her as a dark character. His fans are very curious to find out how the actor deals with his dark look.

In other films by Leto, he has always been portrayed as a fun-loving character but in this film, we are surely about to see his different side. Jared actually looks very scary in the second trailer. His glimpses in the trailer, definitely shocked and surprised all the viewers out there. The dude is addicted to prosthetics and does not look like himself.

A short synopsis of the upcoming flick is also there, which firstly shows that Jared is going to play the role of the biochemist, Michael Morbius. He will be seen as having a very uncommon, rare type of blood disease. He decides to cure the disease out with an experiment. But the carried out experiment goes utterly wrong and the brilliant biochemist by mistake injects himself with something unusual which turns him into a vampire.

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Check Out The Latest Trailer Of The Movie

The most awaited trailer is out! Yes, the trailer of Morbius is currently streaming online. Have you checked it out yet? If you still haven’t seen the trailer, then what are you waiting for? Check it out, just down here.

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