Solo Leveling Chapter 176 and Jin Woo’s Battle with King of Dragons Continues

Introduction to Solo Leveling Chapter 176

We expect Solo Leveling Chapter 176 to be released on Thursday, December 2. On Wednesday, December 1, fans in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom will be able to read the latest chapter or episode – what a great way to start the month! There has been no announcement to suspend this writing.

Highlights of Chapter 175

The battle in Chapter 175 is almost like a movie, and the action makes you think you are really learning. At first glance, there seems to be no one, not the only powerful hunter Sung Jin-Woo, who can get a chance to face the King of the Dragons. Shadow Monarch also surprises us by combining the power of death itself and armed with the full power of Ashborne, which leads to a large, immortal body. This ability is partially explained by his many imminent experiences; he has spent enough time in the realm of death so that he can summon the power of death to help him.

The Dragon Monarch understands that Jin-Woo is very dangerous to live; but is there anything he can really do about it? While we do not have such plunderers at the time of writing, we expect that the next episode will bring some kind of change to this war, good or bad. As always, we expect Jin-Woo to win, at least so that his new strength seems to lift. Will death overtake him? Stay tuned to find out! Chugong is the author of Solo Leveling, an online novel set in South Korea. The Solo Leveling was issued on the fictional site KakaoPage on July 25, 2016, and dispensed by D&C Media under the Papyrus brand on November 4, 2016. Webnovel has approved Only I Level Up in standard English.

The battle of Jin Woo and the King of Dragons

Before ten years, the “Gate” developed, joining the real world with the realm of magic and beasts. Ordinary people are given extraordinary abilities to fight these evil creatures, and they are called “Hunters.” Sung JinWeo, a 20-year-old Hunter, is known as “The Weak in the World” because of his relatively low e-rank. Despite this, she continues to hunt wild beasts in the low-income Gates to pay for her mother’s medical bills.

Jin-Woo, however, considers himself the only one who died at work that went so badly that he woke up three days later in hospital and found a strange screen circling in front of him. Jin-Woo must complete this “Question Log” or receive the appropriate penalty for a thoughtless and needless training program. Jin-Woo was initially hesitant because of the complexity of the equipment, but he soon discovered that it could have made him one of the best hunters in the world. To know what happens next we need to read Solo Leveling Chapter 176.

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Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 176?

Solo Leveling Chapter 176 is available for official reading in many places, especially TappyToon, Tapas Media, and the Kakao page! The first four manhwa volumes are available in print if you like. The first three are in English by Yen Press, and the last one is on its way!


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