Solo Leveling Chapter 174: Release Date and Spoiler Discussion


Well, even though it’s already kinda obvious that you’ve read Solo Leveling, but by any chance, if you’ve missed it, here’s a short synopsis for you. The world has changed a lot. Nowadays, portals appear here and there that leads to another dimension that contains monsters inside of it. These obstacles need to be destructed within a limited time, otherwise, they’ll come out of that portal and go rampage of the real world. As the world has changed like this, so have humans. Some of them have gained powers that can be used to slay those monsters. They’re called ‘Hunters.’ Now Hunter Sung Jin Woo has awakened recently, but is considering his power level he is called as world’s weakest hunter. But someday he enters a dungeon that turns out to be a trap. This double dungeon changes his life in a brutal way and he receives a secret power that can make him better and raise his level of power with time and his efforts. So, it’s kinda like leveling up. So how does he change himself from being the world’s weakest hunter to one of the world’s strongest hunters? Does he even have a limit? In this article, we will discuss Solo Leveling Chapter 174.

Recap of Chapter 173

Now… before diving into the details of the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 174, let’s have a quick look at the previous one, Solo Leveling Chapter 173. After being unable to contact the Monarch of Iron Body, Monarch of Destruction decides to destroy Sung Jin-Woo AKA Shadow Monarch by himself. But Sung Jin-Woo somehow escapes from his hands. Now Sung Jin Woo has charged Antares with his newly made force. On the other hand, other Hunters like Liu Zhigang are doing their job and taking care of the remaining monsters. In answer to the attack of Sung Jin-Woo, Antares destroys his army in an instance and then notices that Sung Jin-Woo is escaping. So, he follows him and finds himself in front of his whole shadow army which now has the army of the Monarch of Iron Body under its wing. Why? Of course, because they have defeated him. But What does it matter to Antares? With the gates made by the Monarch of Transfiguration, Yogumunt, he can summon his army as many as he wants. But Sung Jin Woo has now shown his trump card. After absorbing the ruin-stone of Kamish he now utilizes its power. The ‘Dragon Fear.’ As a result, not only do the dragons of Antares’ army get immobilized but Yogumunt himself gets affected by it. Using this moment, Sung Jin-Woo teleports himself to the other side of earth along with Antares himself. After that, they prepare themselves for fighting each other.

Anticipated Plot For Chapter 174

Without giving you any kind of spoilers on the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 174, we can say that now the long-awaited clash between Shadow Monarch and the Monarch of Destruction will begin. It’s a game where Antares will have to survive against Sung Jin Woo and his army until his own army finds him. The fight may seem out of hand after a while for Sung Jin Woo. But it’ll change at the end of Solo Leveling Chapter 174. Sung Jin-Woo knows that his magical powers won’t last long if he fights against the whole army of Antares. Now the question is will Sung Jin-Woo be able to defeat Antares before his army finds him? Keep your fingers crossed. A few more hours left until Chapter 174 of Solo Leveling Comes out.

When and Where to Read Chapter 174 Online

Solo leveling Chapter 174 will release on 17th November at 9 AM according to the Pacific Standard Time.
Aside from the official sources. External sources like Leveling Solo or Kissmanga will offer you the upcoming chapter unofficially and you can use 3rd party apps like Tachiyomi also.

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