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Smiling Friends has become a major hit for Adult Swim, with the ongoing adventures of Charlie and Pim winning over both critics and audiences alike. The show, which follows the two employees of “Smiling Friends” tasked with making their clients smile, features a blend of dry and absurd comedy that captures the essence of internet humor in easily digestible 11-minute episodes. Following a stealth pilot during Adult Swim’s April Fools’ prank, a surprise marathon of the entire first season in one night, and a one-off Brazil-themed special, the show was renewed for a second season due to its massive success.

Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack, both alumni of Newgrounds, lead the show’s production, with Cusack also producing Adult Swim projects YOLO: Crystal Fantasy and Bushworld Adventures. The two have been transparent about their creative process, appearing on several podcasts and making a panel appearance during the recent Adult Swim Fest. Fans can expect more of the same from the duo in season two, based on their previous work together and independently.

Will there be a season 2?

According to the latest reports on the series, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Smiling Friends season 2. Despite no official announcement from either the network or the creators, the absence of confirmation does not necessarily mean that the show has been canceled.

With over 1.3 million views for the pilot episode and positive feedback for the entire season, there is a good chance that Smiling Friends season 2 will be picked up. However, it is still too early to determine as the network needs time to evaluate the show’s impact on ratings and viewership to decide whether it’s worth continuing the series.

If the show is renewed, fans can expect to see Smiling Friends season 2 around the beginning of 2023.

The expected plot of season 2

In the first season of Smiling Friends, we follow the story of Charlie and Pim as they work to help their clients, including Enchantress, Ketchup Packet, and Mr. Frog. Along with Smormu and others, they are creating the fifth Smiley Friend. However, at the end of the season, Charlie is killed when a tree falls on him. He is then thrown into hell, where he tries to cheer up Satan.

If there is a second season of Smiling Friends, we may find out what happens to Charlie and how Smiling Friends Inc. and the Boss deal with competition. The show will continue to feature satire, awkward but humorous moments, and sarcasm about current situations. In the first season, the show tackled issues like cancel culture and mental health. Fans are eager to see how the characters will continue to support each other and create positive energy in the upcoming season. This is why they are excited about the possibility of a Smiling Friends season 2.

What unexpected is going to happen

One of the things that caught many viewers by surprise when they first watched Smiling Friends was how frequently the show incorporated various animation styles. Over the course of nine episodes, the series utilizes traditional 2D animation, 3D models, stop-motion clay figures, rotoscoping, and live-action performances to create an unforgettable array of sight gags and character expressions. There’s no telling what to expect from the show’s animation style, as every episode has something new to offer, fully exploiting the potential of animation as a visual medium. This trend is expected to continue into the upcoming season.

In episode four, “A Silly Halloween Special,” the show even had the courage to break away from its usual comedic formula. Most of the episode is a chilling horror short played completely straight, accompanied by a darker color palette, more intricate movements, and a genuine sense of fear and urgency. The seamless shift in tone was executed brilliantly, laying the groundwork for what else Hadel and Cusack might explore beyond the comedic formula they’ve established thus far.

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