Sinister Six movie CONFIRMED for Sony Spider-Man Universe by Morbius Director

We are here to give the big update as the reports are coming in that Sinister Six would be in development soon and the hype is building up among the fans. MCU has currently been working on some of the big projects that would be coming up soon and mentioning the part that Daniel Espinosa has also given a teaser that he would be working on the upcoming project of Sinister Six.

Espinosa’s latest project Morbius has come out which has been receiving mixed reviews at the time but the title has been earning good throughout on the International rate. The group of villains from the comics of Spider-Man would be portrayed in Sinister Six consisting of Venom, Mysterio, Vulture, Electro, Sandman along with Kraven the Hunter which basically means that a huge story would be building up along the time with a different perspective to watch.

Sinister Six

Sinister Six is under development as Daniel Espinosa teased

The fans have also been mentioning on the internet that Morbius contains a number of Easter eggs regarding Sinister Six and thus it contains other big details too. Moreover to mention that the big questions are now popping up among the fans regarding the upcoming project and thus the team would also give more updates and news with time.

Espinosa on the other hand has big plans for Morbius and Sinister Six and though he recently came forward in an interview to open up that he would link up the universe of Morbius with Sinister Six and though he thinks that it is the best way possible to put the story in front.

Sinister Six is another title that has been in talks or development for a long period of time but it did not witness any lead over the time now it seems final that the title has been looking forward to leading with the big storyline whereas to mention that Espinosa has also stated that Morbius is the very first recruit of Sinister Six class and a lot more new things will be introduced in time regarding the title.

Sinister Six


There has been word out that Sony has also been doing their best for a long time to introduce the title or villains from the title but now it seems that the path is all clear for the company into moving ahead. Song basically has some big plans for the title and it would be revealed in time there will also be more surprises for the fans such as that Spider-Man could appear in Sinister Six while these just fan theories for now and nothing has been confirmed so far.

It is yet to see how the new title may make an impact in the industry and how the fans would love the movie as the hype is already building up among the fans regarding the title but we would have to wait a while in order to come across more updates.

Stay Tuned For More.

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